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Appalachian Forest, The 756

- Bolgiano, Chris; Appalachian forests and ecology.; 1998; 280 pp; HCB

Coat of Arms - Design Your Own - An Introduction to Heraldry 114

- Chorzempa, Rosemary A.; Design your own Coat of Arms with step-by-step directions. This easy-to-read, profusely

illustrated guide to the history, symbolism and construction of heraldic devices allows even a child to fashion authentic design.;

1987; 26 pp; SCB

Fractur, A Selective Guide to F & M Collection 177

- Fail, Carol E.; Guide to Franklin & Marshall Franktur collection.; 2005; 29 pp; SCB

Heraldry in America 713

- Zieber, Eugene; An aid for the understanding of Heraldry. A collection of material gathered from the use of royal and other

seals upon Colonial documents and individual coats of armor upon tombstones, wills, deeds, tablets, etc. showing an early

practice of heraldry in the United States. It includes insignia of orders and societies.; 1997; 427 pp; SCB

Hex Signs & other Barn Decorations 537

- Smith, Elmer; Printer 1965; fifteenth printing 1993. Photographs taken in counties of Pennsylvania, Virginia and West

Virginia of various Hex Signs along with explanations and "How to Make Your Own Hex Sign.; 1993; 42 pp; SCB


Revolutionary War Book of Games and Puzzles 215

- Gowan, Hugh & Judy; This booklet for children will assist with the discovery of the events and persons who made possible the

wonderful freedom we know as "Americans!"; 1987; 36 pp; SCB

The Civil War Book of Games, Puzzles and Things 212

- Gowan, Hugh & Judy; Games, puzzles, coloring, etc.; 1981; 36 pp; SCB

Treasure Hunt 1038

- Smith, eunice Geil; Mystery about an eleven-year-old girl and her adventures during the Civil War.; 2006; 119 pp; SCB

Church Records

Davidsburg Church Baptisms 1785-1845 New Market, Va 561

- Stewart, John & Wust, Klaus; Largely German entries pertaining to births/baptisms. From the church book of Lutheran and

German reformed Davidsburg church in New Market.; 1983; 44 pp; SCB

Harmonia Sacra, The 844

- Funk, Joseph And Sons; 25th Edition. A compilation of genuine church music. Comprising a great variety of metres.

Together with a copious explication of the principles of vocal music. Exemplified and illustrated with tables, in a plain and

comprehensive manner.; 1993; 407 pp; HCB

Hebron Church Register 1750-1825, Madison Co., (2 Vol Set) 544

- Smith, George M.:Wust,Klaus; 2 Volume set. 1st German congregation in Va.-births/baptisms 1750-1825, confirmation

records 1777-1785, communion lists 1775-1785. Sold as set.; 1981; 94 pp; SCB

History of Kelly St. UBCC, Newtown, Harrisonburg Va. 1892-1906 592

- Toliver, Ruth M.; Complete history of the church, includes church construction, list of church members, church and trustee

ledgers, meeting minutes and more.; 1998; 192 pp; SCB

History of Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church, A 898

- Blair, Charles William; Presbyterians in northwestern Augusta County and Southwestern Rockingham County have

worshiped for over 220 years at Mossy Creek Church. Organized in 1768. A brief overview of the Scotch-Irish settlers before

1768. Records of old portion of the Mossy Creek Cemetery included.; 2000; 337 pp; HCB

History of St. John's Lutheran Church-Timberville 1870-1982 82

- Campbell, Henry R. Sr; History of the church, people, and pastors - info. on the Concordia Synod of Va.; 1982; 67 pp; SCB

Lutheran Zion-Pine Church Record, Stony Creek Va. (2 volumes) 673

- Wust, Klaus; German entries in the Lutheran part of the Zion-Pine church register. The mother church of Lutheran

congregaions in Edinburg, Woodstock, and Mt. Jackson areas. Baptisms prior to 1786. 2 volume set.; 1985; 93 pp; SCB

Mirror of the Martyrs 887

- Oyer, John S. & Kreider, Robert S.; A very condensed version of the large book, "Martyers Mirror".; 1990; 96 pp; SCB

Old Pine Church Baptist. 1783-1828 Mill Creek, Virginia 674

- Wust, Klaus; A union church of Lutheran and Reformed. Birth/Baptismal Records1757-1828. Baptismal records in English

1820-1861. Confirmation and communion lists.; 1987; 63 pp; SCB

Our Strong Heritage 1778-1988 750

- MacMasters, Richard K.; Asbury Methodist church 200th anniversary celebration, circuit riders, congregation who became

Asbury in 1788.; 1988; 173 pp; HCB

Rader Lutheran Church Record -Timberville, Va.1762-1889 473

- Rader, Wm A Dr. & June L. (Hudnut); Translated from German in old ledger books of births and baptisms, communions and

confirmations, and church business, etc.; 1990; 125 pp; SCB

Record of Hawksbill Church 1788-1850 Page County, Va. 675

- Wust, Klaus; German entries from the German Union church - Hawksbill Creek near Luray. Index of 850 names.; 1979; 47 pp;


Record of the Churches of the Lacey Spring Circuit Churches 27

- Arrington, Marie; From original record book. Kept by pastors of deaths funerals, baptisms, marriages etc. Churches include:

Salem, Mt.Tabor, Mountain Valley, Bethlehem, Pleasant View, Singers Glen, Mt. Carmel, Whitehall, Forest Grove, Armentrout

(Bethel) and Cedar Grove. Va. Annual Conf. of the Churches; 1984; 74 pp; SCB

Reformed Zion-Pine Church Record 1788-1827 Stony Creek, Va. 676

- Wust, Klaus; German entries from the Reformed side of the Zion-Pine church - was the Mother church for Lutheran and

Reformed congregations Woodstock, Edinburgh, Mt. Jackson, Orkny Springs, and Jerome areas. Baptisms / confirmations.;

1984; 59 pp; SCB

St. John's Lutheran Church. Singers Glen, Va., History - 200 years 77

- Byerly, John F. Jr; Services at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church were discontinued in 1956 and the church building is

now located at Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp at Fort Valley, Va. The cemetery remains at Singers Glen and dates back to

the 1790s.; 1996; 90 pp; HCB

Stained Glass Windows - Harrisonburg churches 246

- H.R.H.S; Lists description of windows by churches; 1982; 11 pp; SCB

Strasburg Lutheran German Records 1768-1829 680

- Wust, Klaus; Translation of the German register of the Lutheran Church in Strasburg, Virginia 1768-1829. A brief history,

lists of birth, baptisms, communion and confirmations.; 1997; 66 pp; SCB

The Lexington Presbytery Heritage 1035

- Wilson, Howard McKnight; About the colonial Presbyterian Church in Western Virginia formed into the Presbytery of

Lexington in 1786.; 1971; 510 pp; HCB

Where the River Flows: Finding Faith in Rockingham County 979

- Robert Hewitt; This book looks at the various denominations and their development west of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Various denominations reviewed are Mennonites, Dunkers, Reformed Lutherans, Presbyterians, Baptist, Anglicans, Pietists,

Separatists, Methodist, Jews, and Catholics.; 2003; 279 pp; HCB

Civil War

11th Virginia Cavalry 23

- Armstrong, Richard L.; Unit histories, annotated muster roll of each man in the unit, relevant photos and map; 1989; 210 pp;


12th Virginia Infantry 259

- Henderson, William; Unit histories, annotated muster roll of each man in unit, relevant photo and maps; 1984; 181 pp; SCB

14th Virginia Cavalry 166

- Driver, Jr., Robert J.; Unit histories, annotated muster roll of each man in the unit, relevant photos and maps; 1988; 206 pp;


1864 Valley Aflame 1019

- Daily News Record; This book covers the war in the Shenandoah Valley from New Market to the climactic battle at Cedar

Creek. This book is a compilation of reprints from the Daily News Record and The Winchester Star newspapers.; 2005; 52 pp;


18th Virginia Calvary 747

- Delauter, Roger U.; 2nd edition. Unit histories, action and lists men with their information.; 1985; 105 pp; HCB

23rd Virginia Cavalry 317

- Kleese, Richard B.; Unit histories, annotated muster roll for each man in unit, relevant photos.; 1996; 108 pp; HCB

27th Virginia Infantry 480

- Reidenbaugh, Lowell; Unit histories, muster roll of each man in the unit, relevant photos and maps.; 1993; 191 pp; HCB

33rd Virginia Infantry 481

- Reidenbaugh, Lowell; Unit histories, muster roll of each man in the unit, relevant photos and maps.; 1987; 151 pp; HCB

3rd Virginia Infantry 29

- Lee A. Wallace, Jr.; Unit histories, annotated muster roll of each man in the unit, relevant photos and maps.; 1988; 171 pp;


51st Virginia Infantry 149

- Davis, James A.; 2nd edition unit histories, annotated muster roll for each man in unit, relevant photos and maps.; 1984; 102

pp; HCB

7th Virginia Cavalry 22

- Armstrong, Richard L.; Unit histories, annotated muster roll of each man in the unit, relevant photos and maps; 1992; 259 pp;


7th Virginia Infantry 484

- Riggs, David F.; Unit histories and muster rolls for each man in the unit, relevant photos and maps; 1982; 106 pp; HCB

Avenue of Armies 960

- Robert H. Moore, ll; This book visits Civil War sites and tells stories of Luray and Page County, Virginia. The book takes the

reader on 13 different tours that can be traced. There are many pictures which adds interest to the book.; 2002; 144 pp; SCB

Ballads of North & South in the Civil War 577

- Swank, Col. Walbrook D.; Collection of ballads of north and south during Civil War.; 1996; 112 pp; SCB

Civil War Battles: The Maps of Jedediah Hotchkiss 715

- Hearn, Chester G. & Mike Marion; The story of the Civil War as told through the maps of Jedediah Hotchkiss, the

cartographer for Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee's Confederate forces. Features more than fifty original maps and

sketches. Includes five pull-out maps.; 2008; 160 pp; HCB

Civil War Handbook 468

- Price, William H.; Civil war facts, pictures, uniforms, dates, and places.; 1961; 73 pp; SCB

Civil War Sites in Virginia; A Tour Guide 492

- Robertson, James I., Jr.; History and road directions, maps.; 1985; 108 pp; SCB

Civil War Source Book 69

- Burd, Jack; Sources of information on the Civil War.; 1997; 250 pp; SCB

Civil War Virginia 493

- Robertson, James I., Jr.; The Virginia, which saw the death, wounding, and capture of over a half million men. End of

institutions that helped perpetuate an outmoded economic system.; 1991; 188 pp; HCB

Clash of the Sabres; Blue & Gray 581

- Swank, Walbrook D.; Civil War experience of two cavalry troopers who were relatives of President Davis.; 1981; 184 pp; SCB

Daughters of the Cause 58

- Broadwater, Robert; This book gives insight into the many contributions of women during the Civil War. They not only worked

to advance the cause of the north or south, but also fought a war of gender and social reform on both sides - nursing, spying,

factory work, even soldiering. It contains an overview of their contributions and sacrifices.; 1993; 45 pp; SCB

Defend The Valley 138

- Colt, Margaretta Barton; Bartons and Jones- united by marriage witness the war from the Shenandoah Valley.; 1994; 444 pp;


Gibraltar of the Shenandoah 1003

- Robert H. Moore ll; Civil War sites and stories of Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County, Virginia.; 2004; 176 pp; SCB

Give the Enemy No Rest - Sheridan's 1864 Shenandoah Campaign 718

- Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation; Explores the 1864 Valley Campaign through the writings of six historians

(Brandon H. Beck, John Heatwole, William Miller, Jonathan A. Noyalas, Jeffry Wert, Joseph Whitehorne).; 2007; 56 pp; SCB

Home Front to Front Line: The Civil War Era in the Shenandoah Valley 425

- Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation; The Civil War at the home front - the families, homes, farms, and churches that

bore the brunt of the war's devastating hand.; 2009; 76 pp; SCB

Hymns of the Old Camp Ground 737

- Erbsen, Wayne; This handy songook is filled with the words, music, history and chords of your favorite camp meeting hymns,

spirituals and gospel songs.; 2008; 72 pp; SCB

I Rode with Stonewall 160

- Douglas, Henry Kyd; "Being chiefly the war experiences of the youngest member of Jackson's staff from the John Brown Raid

to the hanging of Mrs. Surratt." - title page; 1968; 400 pp; HCB

If This Valley Is Lost, Virginia Is Lost 1032

- Shenandoah Valley Battlefields; Stonewall Jackson's 1862 Shenandoah Valley Campaign; 2006; 50 pp; SCB

Jefferson Davis 315

- King, Perry Scott; Biography of Jefferson Davis; 1990; 111 pp; HCB

Jubal's Raid 596

- Vandiver, Frank E.; General Early's famous attack on Washington in 1864.; 1960; 198 pp; HCB

Life & Campaigns of Lt. Gen. T. J. Jackson (Hard Cover) 145

- Dabney, R. L.; Story of Jackson life as a citizen and a soldier; 1983; 742 pp; HCB

Life and Letters of General Thomas J. Jackson 740

- Jackson, Mary Anna; This volume gives the most authoritative view of the domestic side; the life and family of Stonewall

Jackson through the eyes of his beloved and faithful wife.; 1995; 487 pp; HCB

Mennonites, Amish, and the American Civil War 643

- Lehman, James O. & Nolt, Steven M.; A scholarly treatment of pacifism during the Civil War exploring the role of sectarian

religion in the conflict and the effects of wartime Americanization of the Mennonite and Amish communities.; 2007; 352 pp; HCB

M'Neill's Last Charge 1048

- Rev. J. W. Duffey, D.D.; Narrative about McNeill's Partisan Rangers.; 1912; 26 pp; SCB

Mosby 417

My Grandpa Rode with Jeb Stuart 372

- Miller, Millard; Experiences of James Knox Polk Ritchie, Company H. Twelfth Virginia Cavalry, Laurel Brigade, Army of

Northern Virginia, Civil War 1861-1865.; 1974; 58 pp; SCB

Old Jack - Life of Stonewall Jackson 102

- Kastner, Marta; Jackson was a man of contrasts and contradictions - this is a story of his life.; 2005; 162 pp; SCB

Pennsylvanian in Blue, A 589

- Taylor, Robert A.; Civil War diary of Thomas Beck Walton.; 1995; 65 pp; SCB

Remember me is all I ask; Chrisman's Boy Company 894

- Heatwole, John L.; A History of the Civil War service of Company A, 3rd Battalion, Virginia Mounted Reserves. Captain

George Chrisman Boy Company, text and maps.; 2000; 127 pp; SCB

Rockingham Co. Men in the Confederate Service 1861-1865 341

- Liskey, J. Nelson & Sherwood, Cullen; Date of enlistment, unit, list of references for each entry.; 1990; 105 pp; SCB

Rockingham County Men in Gray (2 volumes) 557

- Spratt, Thomas M.; Men born in the county; known to reside in the county before, during or after the war as proven by census

records, biographies, cemetery inscriptions and records, military records, county histories, etc.; 1995; 650 pp; HCB

Shenandoah 1862: Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign 722

- Cozzens, Peter; "Based on a multitude of primary sources, Cozzen's groundbreaking work offers new interpretations of the

campaign and the reasons for Jackson's success. . . Moving seamlessly between tactical details and analysis of strategic

significance, Cozzens presents the first balanced, comprehensive account of a campaign that has long been romanticized but

never fully understood." - excerpt from book jacket.; 2008; 623 pp; HCB

Shenandoah County Men in Gray (2 volumes) 712

- Spratt, Thomas M.; Alphabetical listing of Shenandoah County Confederate soldiers with their unit designations. 2 volume

set.; 1993; 902 pp; SCB

Stonewall Jackson's Way 651

- Wayland, John W.; Begins with an outline of Gen. Thomas J. Jackson's life to the outbreak of Civil War. Follows a veritable

travelogue of Jackson's 1861-1863 military movements, with emphasis on the incredible campaign in the Valley of Virginia.

Along with eyewitness accounts, photographs (most exceedingly rare), and maps.; 1996; 244 pp; HCB

The 1st & 2nd Rockbridge Artillery 167

- Driver, Jr., Robert J.; Unit histories, annotated muster roll of each man in the unit, relevant photos and maps; 1987; 153 pp;


The Battle of Cross Keys & Port Republic June 8-9, 1862 137

- Collins, Darrell; Unit histories, annotated muster list of each man in the unit, relevant photos and maps; 1993; 212 pp; HCB

The Battle of McDowell 24

- Armstrong, Richard L.; Unit histories, annotated muster roll of each man in the unit, relevant photos and maps.; 1990; 122 pp;


The Burning (DVD) 441

The Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley 418

- Thorne, Charles R.; This book is about the Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley and includes information on John Brown at

Harpers Ferry, Battles of Kernstown, McDowell, Front Royal, Cross Keys, Port Republic, & Whinchester, the Belle of the

Valley, and the Gray Ghost; 2007; 20 pp; SCB

The First Battle of Winchester 41

- Beck, Brandon H. & Grunder, Charles S.; 2nd Edition. Maps, photographs covering Winchester and other subjects.; 1992;

108 pp; HCB

The Old Confeds 353

- Buck, Samuel D.; Narrative of Capt. Buck's Civil War service in Co. H., 13th Virginia Infantry. Originally published in 1925.

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the preservation of Shenandoah Valley battlefields.; 2007; 145 pp; SCB

The Olive Branch 1001

- S.F. Sanger and D. Hays; How peaceful people were caught up in the maelstrom of the Civil War.; 1907; 232 pp; SCB

The Second Battle of Winchester 218

- Grunder, Charles .S & Beck, Brandon H.; Second battle of Winchester.; 1989; 108 pp; HCB

The Shenandoah Valley 1861-1865: The Destruction of the Granary of the Confederacy 428

- Mahon, Michael G.; A balanced view of the strategic significance of the Shenandoah Valley in the fall of the Confederacy

using diaries of Valley residents, records and correspondence of the Subsistence Quartermaster, dispatches between Lee and

his subordinates, and tax-in-kind records to offer the Confederate perspective.; 1999; 180 pp; HCB

The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864 724

- Gallagher, Gary W.; "The eleven original essays in this volume reexamine common assumptions about the campaign, its

major figures, and its significance. Taking advantage of the most recent scholarship and a wide range of primary sources,

contributors consider strategy and tactics, the performances of key commanders on each side, the campaign's political

repercussions and the experiences of civilians caught in the path of the armies." - book cover; 2006; 392 pp; SCB

The Staunton Artillery - McClanahan's Battery 168

- Driver, Jr., Robert J.; Unit histories, annotated muster roll of each in the unit, relevant photos and maps; 1988; 127 pp; HCB

Touring the Carolinas' Civil War Sites 881

- Johnson, Clint; All of the tour roads suggested in the book, with just two short exceptions, are paved roads. Nineteen tour

routes covering conflict sites, homes, churches, museums, courthouses and much more.; 1996; 384 pp; SCB

Touring Virginia's and West Virginia's Civil War Sites 875

- Johnson, Clint; Dozens of little-known facts about the war in Virginia and West Virginia and how to find the places where they

happened. The author takes a multicultural approach. Book is arranged geographically, with 17 tours that start in Northern

Virginia at the beginning of the war and ends at Appomattox and includes oddities, firsts, and bests that shed new light on the

old war.; 1999; 407 pp; SCB

Tragedy in the Shenandoah Valley 1044

- Robert H. Moore II; The story of the execution of Sergeant Isaac Newton Koontz and Captain George Summers in the

summer of 1865.; 2006; 125 pp; SCB

Twixt North and South 78

- Calhoun, J. M.; War in rural mountainous area which was neither north or south. Pendleton County, West Virginia; 1974; 280

pp; HCB

Two Generals Kidnaped 1049

- J. W. Duffey; Account of the capture of Federal Generals George Crook and Banjamin Kelly by McNeill's Rangers.; 2006; 21

pp; SCB

Unionist and the Civil War Experience 988

- David Rhodes & Norman R. Wenger; This book documents the difficult times of the Unionist in war torn Rockingham County,

Virginia during the Civil War and how those that could prove their loyality to the Union were able to reclaim their losses.; 2003;

741 pp; HCB

Unionists and the Civil War Experience II 1006

- David Rodes and Norman Wenger; This is the second volume of the Unionist and the Civil war Experience. The book

continues its story on the difficult times of the Unionist during the Civil War and how those that could prove their loyality to the

Union were able to reclaim their losses.; 2004; 721 pp; HCB

Unionists and the Civil War Experience in the Shenandoah Valley III 1022

- Wenger, Norman R. & Rodes, David S.; This is the third volume of the Unionist and the Civil war Experience. The book

continues its story on the difficult times of the Unionist during the Civil War and how those that could prove their loyality to the

Union were able to reclaim their losses. Covers Bridgewater, Dayton and surrounding area.; 2005; 1004 pp; HCB

Unionists and the Civil War Experience Vol IV 642

- Wenger, Norman R. & Rodes, David S.; This is the fourth volume of the Unionist and the Civil war Experience. The book

continues its story on the difficult times of the Unionist during the Civil War and how those that could prove their loyality to the

Union were able to reclaim their losses. Covers Broadway, Cherry Grove, Singers Glen, Timberville and surrounding area.;

2007; 1090 pp; HCB

Unionists and the Civil War Experience Volume V 424

- Rodes, David S. & Wenger, Norman R.; Volume V - Goods Mill, Leroy, McGaheysville, Port Republic, Roadside &

Harrisonburg Areas, Rockingham County, Virginia.; 2009; 1122 pp; HCB


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