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Crafts & Tools

A Great Deal of Stone & Earthern Ware 1000

- Jeffrey S. Evans; A unique publication which describes the Rockingham County, Va., school of folk pottery. An illustrated

color catalog of the history of pottery developed during the 19th century.; 2004; 108 pp; SCB

American Stonewares 1002

- Georgeanna H. Greer; History and technology of stoneware production from clay to glazes.; 1999; 287 pp; HCB

Basketry 116

- Christopher, F. J.; Presented in clear, simple language, the information supplied in this book is indispensable to anyone

involved in the fascinating craft of basket weaving. Each chapter is also illustrated with drawings of finished products and of the

weaving pattern followed for each.; 1952; 108 pp; SCB

Bottles 531

- Smith, Elmer; This booklet is for the novice collector and is a sampler of the collectibles. But it does show a number of rare

and valuable items which were in the hands of the author when the book was published. It does not include recently produced

bottles such as Beam, Avon, etc.; 1989; 32 pp; SCB

Come In and Have a Seat 438

- Evans, Jeffrey; Eighteenth through twentieth-century vernacular seating forms and traditions in the Shenandoah Valley of

Virginia.Vernacular chairs display a blend of styles of urban and rural regions within the region.; 2010; 84 pp; SCB

Early Country Furniture 535

- Smith, Elmer; This booklet seeks to present our forebears by showing some of the fruits of their labor. It feature that category

of hand-crafted furniture which has been popularly referred to as Country Furniture.; 1995; 40 pp; SCB

Heatwole & Suter Pottery 305

- Kauffman, Stanley; Study of Rockingham County potters.; 2008; 47 pp; SCB

Household Tools and Tasks 415

- Elmer L. Smith; This is about early American household when families were large, appetites hearty and labor-saving devices

few. It portrays some of the many necessary tasks the housewife was involved in and illustrates ome of the artifacts and

equipment available and emergence of labor-saving devices gradually developed.; 2006; 32 pp; SCB

Pottery 540

- Smith, Elmer; This booklet deals with the product of the later stage of American pottery-making--a period spanning

approximately three-quarter of a century--beginning around 1830 and ending shortly after the turn of the century. This period

marked a return to the productions of basically domestic ware--jugs, crocks, milk pans, pitchers and similar containers, but with

the addition of some decorations and occasionally some unique glaze.; 1994; 32 pp; SCB

Quilts from two Valleys 855

- Good, Phyllis; Amish Quilts from the Big Valley, PA and Mennonite Quilts from the Shenandoah Valley, VA; 1999; 76 pp; SCB

Quilts of Virginia 1607-1899 1040

- Virginia Consortium of Quilters; Presents 270 historic quilts and ephemera in 325 color and vintage photographs from

quilted armor of the 17th century to crazy quilts of the 19th century.; 2006; 168 pp; SCB

The Country Store - The General Store of Yesterday 414

- Elmer L. Smith; This book introduces you to the inland rural general store prior to the turn-of-the-century and offers some

view of the products our forefathers made and used, bought or traded, developed and produced.; 1993; 32 pp; SCB

Toys, Antiques 311

- Kimball, Ward; Printed 1976; 4th printing 1990. Delights from the past. Photographs taken by the author of antique toys

emphasizing the 1870-1940 "Golden Age" period. Toys mirror the daily life of yesterday's adult world.; 1990; 32 pp; SCB

Weaving with Reeds and Fibers 591

- Tod, Osma Gallinger & Benson, Oscar H.; The authors describe the planning and simple tools necessary for a multitude of

projects. Step-by-step instructions clearly explain each project, and there are separate, detailed instructions on the basic

weaves---13 in all.; 1948; 199 pp; SCB

Wood Carving 543

- Smith, Elmer & Horst; Shown and described are selected wooden pieces that have been whittled, carved, decorated and

otherwise transformed from a simple natural resource into unique creations through the minds and hands of skilled workmen,

taking these objects at least one step beyond the purely utilitarian.; 1976; 32 pp; SCB

Family History

47 Pioneer Families of Rockingham Co., Va. 60

- Brock, Robert L.; Migration through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois , & Missouri. Armentrout, Baker, Beery, Bowman, Brock, Brown,

Brun, Clemens, Dove, Fifer, Fitzwater, Harper, Hawkins, Hoover, Horn, Roadcap, Rust, Stratton, VanPelt, ,Zigler and others.;

1997; 434 pp; HCB

A Compilation of the Descendants of Sebastian Hoover of Pendleton County, WVA 971

- Walter Eye; Family history of Sebastian Hoover.; 1990; 313 pp; SCB

A History of the Descendants of Patrick Sinnett of Pendleton and Ritchie Counties 969

- Walter Eye; Family history of Patrick Sinnett.; 1981; 104 pp; SCB

A History of the Descendants of Christopher Cummett of Pendleton County, WVA 970

- Walter Eye; Family history of Christopher Crummet.; 1980; 113 pp; SCB

Adam Miller & Barbara Koger Family Record of Massanutten 920

- Floyd and Katherine Mason; Family history of Adam and Barbara Koger Miller.; 2000; 268 pp; HCB

Albrite - Albright Family, The 485

- Ritchie, Patricia Turner; Begins with John Albright (m. Christina Lindamood) who was born in VA, probably in Shenandoah

Co. However, the book concentrates on the family of J. Mosee and Mary J. Basore Albrite, "Pap and Maw".; 1991; 123 pp; SCB

Ancestor & Desendants. Capt.William Layton Yancey & wife Frances Lewis 683

- Yancey, Rebecca L.; From early 1700's - included are Cavanaugh, Powers, Layton, Field, Lewis, Jarman, Conrad, Brown and

many more.; 1977; 290 pp; HCB

Andrew and Aggy Anderson, Free Black Family in Brocks Gap, 1807-1845 831

- Ritchie, Patricia; The Andrew Anderson family was the first free African-American family in Brocks Gap and lived on Goose

Creek in the Crab Run area near Bergton, VA.; 2008; 65 pp; SCB

Angel of the Shenandoah 562

- Stewart, Nancy Branner; The life story of Jesse Hainning Rupert 1831-1909; 1993; 77 pp; SCB

Armentrout Family from 1739-1978, The 901

- Armentrout, Russell S.; Published 1980; reprinted 2000. Story of early pioneer family Ermentrout/Armentrout with begins in

Germany. Some allied families are Brown, Cowan, Deacon, Hickman, Layman, Long, McClunh, Miller, Reynolds, Smith,

Tracy.; 2000; 870 pp; HCB

Berryman Custer Family, The 486

- Ritchie, Patrica & Lee, Norma Lee; Includes Albrite, Baker, Carver, Custer, Fawley, Falk, May, Miller, Trumbo, Turner and

many more.; 1992; 123 pp; SCB

Brocks Gap Families Vol. 1 (Bible, Cherryholmes, Freed, Heavner, Aubrey) 684

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; The Brocks Gap area of Rockingham Co is in the northwestern corner of the county.

On present day maps, the Gap, an opening in the Little North Mountain through which flows the North Fork of the Shenandoah

River, is located about 4 miles west of Broadway, VA on State Highway 259.; 1991; 124 pp; SCB

Brocks Gap Families Vol. 2: Fink And Sonifrank 685

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; The earliest Sonifrank ancestor found is Jacob Sonifrank d. c. 1796 m. Agnes

Agatha Kimmerlin. By tradition, Jacob Fink was the ancestor of the Fink family at Brocks Gap in Rockingham Co.--born before

1765.; 1992; 152 pp; SCB

Brocks Gap Miscellaneous Research 686

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; Includes notes on the families of "Hessian John" Baker, Michael Baker, Caplinger,

Custer, Dover, Halterman, Hupp, Lair, Lantz, May, Ritchie, Secrist, Siever, Souder, Whetzel, West, and others.; 1992; 285 pp;


By The Grace of God 260

- Hess, Nancy B.; A potpourri of stories and records including their flight from Switzerland.; 1979; 260 pp; HCB

Caplinger-Keplinger Family of Valley of Virginia, The 687

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; First generation begins with John Caplinger of the Brocks Gap area - b. c. 1725, d

c. 1787.; 1990; 108 pp; SCB

Carrier - Carryer and Allied Lines 21

- Armentrout, Georgie E.; In the Shenandoah valley and area of West Virginia and Maryland. Surnames: Lincoln, Harrison,

Rhodes, Holsinger, Thomas, Bowman, Early, Summers.; 1985; 422 pp; HCB

Catherine Fulk Bible 733

- Ritchie, Patricia Turner; Catherine Fulk is the daughter of John and Eve Fulk of Fulks Run, Rockingham County, Virginia.;

2007; 32 pp; SCB

Charles Fulk & Sarah Custer Family, The 487

- Ritchie, Patricia A.; The book begins with John Fulk who tradition says was the son of Matthew and an Indian woman. Of their

eleven children, this book concentrates on the family of one of the youngest sons, Charles Fulk. Some allied families included

are Aubrey, Basore, Brake, Custer, Devier, Elder, Fahrney, Foley, Gochenour, Harper, Kling, Lenko, Mathias, Norwood,

Peterson, Reed, Stepp, VanOrden, Westfall.; 1993; 331 pp; SCB

Cline-Kline Family 322

- Mason, Floyd R; This is a reprint of Paul G. Kline's book of 1971 with some additions. The book begins with George Klein, b.

1715, d. 1783, m. Dorothy Rebman in Germany. He settled at Amwill, N. J. joined the Church of the Brethren, then known as

the German Baptist. Some of the allied families include: Armstrong, Byers, Clark, Diehl, Egge, Funkhouser, Grymes,

Heddings, Houff, Kiser, Lineweaver, Messerly, Phibbs, Revercomb, Sanger, Trobaugh, Weimer, Zimmerman.; 1997; 484 pp;


Connecting The Generations: A Biography of Dwight Hartman 968

- Nancy Jones; A biography of Dwight Hartman, businessman, who grew up in the Rockingham County and Harrisonburg,

Virginia area.; 2003; 216 pp; SCB

Continuing Across The Years 198

- Glick, Larry & Kate; Account of Joseph M. and Dianna Miller Glick families, Craun, Shifflett, Zirkle.; 1989; 75 pp; HCB

Crider Family of Rockingham Co. Va., The 688

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; Includes information on early Crider families in PA and VA. The book includes

known descendants of the first Crider in Rockingham Co., VA whose family can be documented. This Frederick Crider b. c

1750, d. c. 1830 settled in Brocks Gap area of the county where many members of the ninth and tenth generations of his

descendants live today. The Crider, Wittig, Whetzel, and Dove families are closely related through intermarriages.; 1990; 83

pp; SCB

Descendants of Adam & Anna Maria Roder, The 472

- Rader, Wm A. Dr. & June L. (Hudnut); Earliest known Hans or Johan Adam Roder born 1646 in Switzerland.; 1987; 343 pp;


Descendants of Captain Thomas Carter 368

- Miller, Joseph Lyon; Family genealogy of Captain Thomas Carter.; 1997; 388 pp; HCB

Descendants of George May of Virginia 944

- Vergie Lantz; This book tells the story of George May, Sr. who moved to Brock's Gap from Loudon County, Virginia about the

year 1800 and settled at the foot of the mountain now called May Mountain. Ten generations of Mays are detailed in this 606

page book.; 1997; 606 pp; HCB

Descendants of Jacob O. Whitmore 1041

- Grace Kilmer Whittemore; Whitmore Family History and includes Kilmer, Plants, and Horton families; 1995; 428 pp; HCB

Descendants of Johannes Ries / Reese 478

- Reese, Helen J.; Allied families include Andrew,Black,Davis, Dove, Dovel, May, Myers, Runion and many more. Incudes coat

of arms.; 1990; 164 pp; SCB

Descendants of John & Mary (Miller) Cullers of Shenandoah Co.Va. 978

- Patricia Fogle; This 700 page book traces the descendants of John and Mary Cullers who moved to Shenandoah County

about 1777. Over 13,200 names are on file.; 2002; 700 pp; HCB

Diaries of Amos Diehl 1047

- Marlin Diehl; Diaries of Amos Diehl from 1862 to 1914. Many names, places and things are mentioned.; 2006; 244 pp; SCB

Dove Family of Rockingham Co. Va., The 689

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; Henry (Toup, Doub,) Dove is the first Dove settler we can trace in Rockingham

County, Virginia. Henry died in 1801. His children include George, Frederick, Henry, Charlotte Dove Scott, James and

Magdaline Dove Baker. Some allied families included are Albrite, Brighner, Carr, Dasher, Echard, Freed, Garrett, Hamilton,

Jacobs, Kuykendall, Little, Mook, Nesselrodt, Ott, Puffenbarger, Ratcliff, Secrist, Turner, Wilkins, Yankey, Zirkle.; 1991; 149 pp;


Dry River Stories 976

- Elizabeth Payne; Elizabeth Thomas Payne had written stories about her childlhood and sent these stories to her sister,

Dorothy. These stories about growing up at Dry River were compiled by Janet Downs and now are in a delightful paperbound

book for all to read.; 2003; 103 pp; SCB

Eld Jeremiah H. Garst & Descendants 919

- Floyd and Katherine Mason; This book traces the ancestory of Jerimiah Garst and his descendents.; 2000; 27 pp; HCB

Eld. Jacob Bowman Sr. Family Record of Maryland And Virginia 903

- Mason, Floyd R. & Kathryn G; Jacob Bowman Sr. arrived from Germany in1729. He lived in Adams Co., PA until 1762; moved

to Frederick Co., MD and about 1765 moved to an area in Augusta Co., VA which is now Rockingham Co. (Greenmount and

Edom area). Some allied families are: Adams, Bolton, Bright, Brubaker, Craun, Flory, Harris, Huffman, Kline, Long, Miller,

Rhodes, Smith, Wampler, Zigler.; 2000; 476 pp; SCB

Eld. Samuel Garber & Elizabeth Miller of August Co. Va. 918

- Floyd and Katherine Mason; This book traces the ancestory of Samuel Garber and Elizabeth Miller.; 2000; 162 pp; HCB

Facts, Scribbles and Scraps 34

- Baer, Beulah; Stories and anecdotes of years in the passport ofice, travels and work at the INS office on Ellis Island, details of

her childhood in Singers Glen, stories of the fun family and their music.; 1966; 375 pp; HCB

Family of Jacob Fawley 1802-1880, The 490

- Ritchie, Patricia Turner; Allied families include Custer, Dove, Estep, Fain, Falk, Ritchie, Runion, Trumbo,Turner and many

more.; 1989; 464 pp; HCB

Forerunners - A History or Genealogy of the Strickler Families 1045

- Harry M. Strickler; Genealogy of the Strickler Families (Jacob, Joseph, Benjamin, John, Abraham, Isaac, Daniel) including

Kauffmans, Stovers, Burners, Ruffners, Beavers, Shavers, Brumbachs, Zirkles, Blossers, Groves, Brubakers, Neffs, Rothgebs

of Shenandoah, Rockingham, Augusta, Fredeirck and Page Counties.; 1925; 425 pp; SCB

From The Rhineland To The Promised Land of the Shenandoah 409

- W. Harvey Wise IV; Life stories of over 20 family lines of the author. Families include Miller, Bucher, Bechtel, Diller, Flora,

Garber, Lang, Koiner, Wise, Baer, Byerly, Danner, Diehl, Glick, Roller, Wine, Lago, Cullen, Keiser, Switzer, Wagner; 2009;

447 pp; HCB

From the Shenandoah to the Kanawha 410

- Smith, Chris; The story of Colonel John Smith, his descendants and their ancestors. The story of their migration to Virginia

in the 18th Century and the many challenges they overcame including French-Indian and Revolutionary Wars fighting for

freedom.; 2009; 400 pp; HCB

Genealogy of the Page Family in Virginia 461

- Page, Richard Channing Moore; Page family history.; 1983; 275 pp; HCB

Geo. Klein Sr. Family Record 355

- Mason, Floyd & Kathryn; Klein of Germany. George Sr. (1715-1783) his grandson m. Dorothy Rebman, d. 1777. Some allied

families included are: Balsbaugh, Bashore, Booze, Derr, Eberly, Ferrell, Frantz, Graybill, Hayslett, Jamison, Longnecker,

Nofsinger, Robinson, Webster, Wolfe, Yake, Ziegler.; 1997; 143 pp; HCB

George & Barbara Bowman 421

- Bowman, Bernard D.; Story of the George & Barbara Bowman family in early America.; 2009; 141 pp; SCB

George Bowman and His Descendants 823

- Bowman, Anna Harman; Family of George Bowman and his son John who married Mary Surfact (Zerfass). Originally

published in 1970, it has been updated in 2007.; 2007; 302 pp; HCB

German Origins of Jost Hite 293

- Jones - Conner - Wust; Birth place, baptism, and marriage to Anna Maria Merckle. Hite, Heyd, Dubois, Vanmeter, Merchle

etc..; 1979; 45 pp; SCB

Henkel-Renalds Connection - Ancestral Scripts and Collections 818

- Wittig, Mildred Renalds; Family of Henkel starting with Antonius Jacobus 1717. It includes copies of letter, photographs,

memorabilia and journal entries.; 2007; 261 pp; SCB

History of Abraham D. Heatwole of Rocky Hollow 258

- Heatwole, Sandra G.; Memories and facts. Section on Heatwoles in Germany beginning with George Hutwohl 1615-1688.

Includes many photographs.; 1988; 109 pp; HCB

Hottinger and Yankey Families, The 690

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; The book begins with Michael Honinger who arrived in Philadelphia in 1729. His

son Conrad m. Catherine Kutz of Berks County, PA. They had nine children. Some allied families include Alger, Baldwin,

Calhoun, Dispanet, Ennis, Freed, Getz, Halterman, Israel, Judy, Kessner, Lipscomb, Moyers, Nace, Ours, Priest, Reid,

Stayner, Tyree, Vance, Williams, Yoder, Zirk.; 1991; 365 pp; SCB

Irish Burks of Colonial Virginia & New River 290

- Johnson, P. G.; Assorted royalists, explorers, Indian,Indian traders, Indian Scouts, road builders, and soldiers. Includes:

Davis, Hughes,Napier, McComas, Scott, Davidson, Williams, Lybrook and others.; 1992; 277 pp; HCB

Jacob Mueller, Immigrant, His Future 511

- Sellers, Nan; Includes Bare, Branner, Miller, Moore and many more.; 1984; 44 pp; SCB

Jenkins, Sr., Benjamin B. (1780-1871) of Hardy County, West Virginia and His 910

- Ratliff, Wilma J.; Benjamin of Welsch descent married Dorcas Rush in 1802 who died c 1840. He remarried c 1850 to

Elizabeth Cullers, c 1811. Some allied families include Alger, Armentrout, Bowman, Caldwell, Crites, Delawder, Dispanet,

Evans, Funkhouser, Haines, Hefner, Jordon, Ketterman, Luttrell, Mathias, Miller, Nazelrod, Ours, Riddle, Rinehart, See,

Sherman, Shipe, Stump, Whetzel, Wilkins.; 1998; 591 pp; HCB

Johannes "John H." Garber - His Descendants in the Shenandoah Valley 817

- Garber, Wayne E.; History of John H. Garber (about 1732 - 1787) & Barbara Miller family.; 2007; 305 pp; SCB

Johannes Frederich Kirshof of No. Augusta Co., Va. Vol. II 371

- Miller, Lula Mae; Volume II is dedicated to his descendents by his second wife, Barbara Koontz who he married in 1795.

They had eight children: Frederick & Elizabeth Heifner; Anna married Elijah Messersmith; Susannah and Jacob Huffer;

Catherine and Samuel Huffer; Barbara and James Fleming; Hannah and Peter Fifer; Andrew and Sarah Saunders; and Jacob

married Ann Propst and Matilda Collins.; 1981; 1156 pp; HCB

John Mason & Mary Ann Miler 356

- Mason, Floyd R.; Andes, Bowman, Cline,Liskey, Miller, Shaver, and many more.; 1986; 367 pp; HCB

John Zigler and Elizabeth Kline of Virginia 350

King Family History (2 vol. Set) 827

- Hartzler, H.H.; This genealogy deals with the descendants of Samuel (Koenig) King, an Amishman, born ca 1724, who

arrived in Philadelphia December 22, 1744. Allied families include Anderson, Brenneman, Byler, Detweiler, Fisher, Glick,

Helmuth, Huyard, Kanagy, Lantz, Metzler, Miller, Riehl, Roth, Schwart, Stoltzfus, Troyer, Yoder, Zook.; 1984; 1444 pp; HCB

Lantz Family of Rockingham Co., Va., The 691

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; Begins with Jacob Lantz, Sr. b. c. 1760-1765, d between 1848-1850. Circa 1808 he

married Julia Ann "Ula" Sonifrank, b. c. 1785 and d after 1850. They lived in Loudoun Co. VA before moving to the Brocks Gap

area of Rockingham Co., VA c. 1799.; 1990; 174 pp; SCB

Legend of Liskey - Vol 2 - A Genealogical Journal 802

- VanPelt, Michele L.; The Robert & Elizabeth Nair Liskey line. 3rd edition.; 2007; 442 pp; SCB

Lest We Forget 26

- Arrington, Marie; Elder John Arrington, Anderson, Barnard, Carter, Dwyer, Flippin, Handy, Hill, Lawson and others.; 1974;

102 pp; HCB

Lincolns in Virginia, The 648

- Wayland, John W.; Includes information on "Virginia John", Captain Abraham in VA & Kentucky, Nancy and other Hanks,

Isaac in VA and Tenn. & Kentucky. A chronology of the Virginia Lincolns. A valuable study of the Lincolns in Rockingham Co.,

VA; 1987; 299 pp; HCB

Long John Turner Family, The 518

- Showalter, Noah & Breneman, Wilson; Includes Andes, Ashby, to Vanmeter and many in between.; 1993; 124 pp; SCB

Martin A. Lahman Family History 742

- Kraus, Mildred; The book "The Martin A. Lahman Family" by Helen F. Layman was used as a starter, then an attempt was

made to enlarge on the history of the 15 children of Martin & Kate, fill in the blanks in the ancestry, and then add the last 27

years of Lahman/Layman family.; 1996; 326 pp; SCB

Matthias Miller & His 17 Children 358

- Mason, Floyd R.; 2nd edition. Some allied families included are: Andees, Berry, Brock, Clem, Cromer, Day, Fravel, Gordon,

Heavner, Iverger, Kizer, Laymon, Mitchell, Niswander, Plaughter, Rhodes, Sellers, Shirley, Trout, Will, Young,; 1996; 137 pp;


Memories of A Lewis Mountain Man 945

- John W. Stoneberger; Stories and reminiscences of John Stoneberger about life and lore of the Blue Ridge Mountains.;

1993; 82 pp; SCB

Michael Baker Store Account Book Brocks Gap, Rockingham Co., Va. 491

- Ritchie, Patricia Turner; This ledger was begun in 1803 and continued into the 1820's. The store served customers over a

wide area, and the information in the account book is interesting to family history researchers as well as historians.; 1993; 320

pp; SCB

Mountain Valley People (2 volume) 896

- Arrington, Mary Marie Koontz; Mountain Valley area history is the western slope of the Massanutten mountain range which

was first surveyed in 1747. Some families included: Armentrout, Baker, Cave, Huffman, Jennings, Koontz, Martz, Pickering,

Sellers, Sheets, Sites, Smith. 2 volume set.; 1992; 392 pp; SCB

My Scrapbook - An Album of Memories 178

- Fechtmann, Dora; Dora Cline Fechtmann was b 1913 on a farm near Broadway, VA. She writes of her nursing career at

home and in the Navy, her Cline family and daughters and husband.; 1998; 55 pp; SCB

Niclous Garber Family Record 354

- Mason, Floyd R. & Kathryn G.; Garber family history; 1997; 310 pp; HCB

Notes on The Mongold Family of Rockingham Co., VA and Hardy Co., WVA 692

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; The notes on the Mongold family in this book center around two Mongold men:

Nathaniel and John Mongold. These men married into the Dove family of what is now Bergton, VA Tradition passes along the

information that Nathaniel and John were brothers, but that was not proved by Lewis's research.; 1995; 84 pp; SCB

Of Time and Place 952

- Anne Frysinger Shifflet; A history of the Shifflett and Morris families in and around Elkton, Virginia and the Blue Ridge.; 2002;

162 pp; HCB

Our Children's Heritage 118

- Click, Maurice A.; Families of Click, Hess, and Miller. Allied families included Cupp, Foreman, Grove, Horn, Long, Plocher,

Rexrode, Sanger, Stoner, Taylor, Vint, Wein.; 1995; 231 pp; HCB

Outline of Southerly-Sutherly-Sutherland Family 693

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; The Sutherly family which began in Rockingham Co. is not large there today,

although many descendants of the Southerly/Sutherly daughters still live there. So far we have not found where Elias and

Clayton Southerland lived before they appear in Brocks Gap. Elias married a Fawley and Clayton Married a Dove woman.;

1992; 53 pp; SCB

Paynes of Virginia, The 463

- Payne Brooke; The descendants of several branches of the Payne family of eastern Virginia. Allied families include

Anderson, Berryman, Brown, Cooke, Davenport, Fairfax, Green, Mitchell, Stone, Turner, Walker Wirt, West.; 1998; 728 pp; HCB

Picture-Bible of Ludwig Denig, The 710

- Yoder, Don; The discovery of this book in 1975 added significant new dimensions to the field of folk art in American, as well as

a new and major artist to the world of Pennsylvania. German folk expression. The artist was from Lancaster and later

Chambersburg, PA. His album of sixty full-page, ink-and-watercolor plates, dated 1784 portrays biblical scenes and religious

emblems and is accompanied by explanatory notes written in the everyday German of colonial Pennsylvania.; 1990; 360 pp; HCB

Riggleman Family of Va. & WVa., The 694

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; This book in not intended to be a complete history of the Riggleman family. The

book begins with John Riggleman, b. c 1775, d. before 1840. He married Barbara Whetzel, b. c 1770, d after 1850.; 1992; 240

pp; SCB

Rodeffer Family of Rockingham County, Virginia, The 880

- Power, Carrie Rodeffer; Reprinted. From the Rhine Valley, Germany to the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. A record of the

descendants of Conrad and Nancy Showalter Rodeffer 1805-1948. Some allied families are: Bowman, Bruce, Cline, Diehl,

Gilkerson, Hildebrand, Hogshead, Long, Meyerhoeffer, Showalter, Trobaugh, Wilton.; 1948; 267 pp; SCB

Roger Dyer, Pioneer Settler of the Virginia Frontier 840

- Forman, Elva Dyer; Roger Dyer was an early settler of Augusta County, Virginia, in an area which later became Pendleton

County, West Virginia, on April 28, 1758. This book is a compilation of five generations of his descendants, collected after

many years of research by the compiler.; 1999; 127 pp; SCB

Schenck, Shenk, Shank 512

- Shank, Thomas L.; 1600 in Germany to 1984 in the U.S. 200 photos, charts, maps- includes families Hertzog to Wortinger

and many in between.; 1985; 550 pp; HCB

Shank Family Record, A 361

- Mason, Floyd R.; The Michael and Mary Shank family tree -; 1992; 24 pp; SCB

Shaver Family of Rockingham Co., Va., The 695

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; The book begins with the first Shaver in the Brocks Gap area of Rockingham Co.,

VA. Palser Shaver b. c 1760-1770, d. 10/31/1831. His wife's name was Catherine, b. c 1760-1770.; 1991; 100 pp; SCB

Sirk-Zirk Family, The 696

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; The book begins with Mathias Sirk who is the oldest known Sirk. He was born in

1726, died in Feb. 1833 and is buried in the Steel Cemetery in Richland Co., Ohio near Bellville, Ohio. First wife was

Catherine, and his second wife was Christina Schopler, b 1747, d 1827.; 1992; 45 pp; SCB

Some of Anthony Souder/Margarite Maurer. Biography & Genealogy 548

- Souder, Warren J.; Anthony Souder b 1730 and Margareta Maurer (Souder) b 1739 were living in Dover Township, York

Co., Penna. by 1760. Some allied names included are Albrite, Brake, Dove, Fraley, Frank, Harris, King, Lantz, May,

Nesselrodt, Ortner, Thorns, Thrasher, Trumbo and Wise.; 1997; 348 pp; HCB

Spitzer, Jones, Frank & Lydia Ancestors.-Descendants. 1322-1989 62

- Brubaker, Geneva G.; Families include: Fing, Wean, Lokey, Orebugh, Gordon, Wine, Arehart.; 1989; 79 pp; HCB

Stultz Family of Brocks Gap Area, Rockinghamham Co., Va. 697

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; The parents of the Stultz men in the early records are unknown, and we do not know

where they came from before their arrival in the Shenandoah Valley. Philip - b. c. 1751 d. between 1830-1840. Peter made his

will in 1796.; 1992; 85 pp; SCB

The Daniel Fulk & Sally Souder Fulk Family 953

- Patrica Turner Ritchie; A complete history of the Fulk family and other Brock's Gap families located in Rockingham County,

Virginia.; 2002; 962 pp; HCB

The Family Dyer 730

- H.R.H.S.; First published in 1848 by Joseph Funk & Sons of Mountain Valley (Singers Glen), near Harrisonburg, VA. The

book is a guide for coloring every variety of shade, on woolen, cotton, linen, and silk goods, together with an appendage

containing directions for discharging colors bleaching, etc.; 1998; 34 pp; SCB

The Folks of Swan Lake 916

- Lowe, Elizabeth Snyder; A history of the Folk Family who lived at the Swan Pond Farm from 1830 - 1965. This book is a

genealogy of the Folk family and stories about them.; 1989; 734 pp; HCB

The New Hottle History - Charles Line 1016

- Huddle, B.Paul; History of the Hottle family.; 2002; 887 pp; HCB

The Posterity of Jacob and Mary (Funk) Driver 832

- Fisher, Clerice; The Jacob and Mary Funk Driver family 1800 to 1996 from Rockingham County, Virginia and moved to Allen

County, Ohio in 1852.; 1996; 870 pp; HCB

The Red Flannel Rag 991

- Peggy Ann Shifflett; An intimate look at life in Hopkins Gap, Virginia. This book gives the reader a look at early 20th century

life and how people lived in Appalachia.; 2004; 336 pp; SCB

The Roadcap Family in Brocks Gap Area 1030

- Ritchie, Patricia; Emanuel Roadcap, son of Peter & Mary Roadcap is the first generation in this book about the Roadcap

family using census records, cemeterying information and other printed books.; 1992; 129 pp; SCB

The Ties That Bind: Peter Sipe Family 443

- Garber, Wayne E.; Historical background, timeline, family stories, and family genealogy of the Sipe family.; 2010; 95 pp; HCB

They Came to Rockingham 1024

- Elisabeth Wilson Hodges; Genealogy of several Rockingham County families that include Miller, Coakley, Driver, Kiracoffe,

Gaines, Garber, Vigar.; 2004; 468 pp; HCB

Until I Left Home 1014

- Twyman E. Bowman; This book is the story of George Bowman who immigrated from Germany in the early 1750's to the

Colony of Pennsylvania. He received his naturalilzation papers in 1765. The family relocated to Rockingham County, Virginia

about 1770 and in 1772 brought land near Timberville, Virginia. This land remained in the family until the 1990's.; 2004; 230 pp;


Until Separated by Death 369

- Miller, Joyce DeBolt; Life and letters of Jessie Ralston jr. And Mary Catherine Cromer - valley farmer of Scotch- Irish

descent.; 1994; 208 pp; SCB

Virginia Cousins 210

- Goode, G. Brown; Ancestry of John Goode of Whitley, a Virginia colonist. Surname: God, Good, Goode from 1148-1887.;

1994; 526 pp; HCB

Walker Family History 30

- Ashworth, June Faye; The history begins with Thomas Walker b ca 1708-10 who was in Orange County, VA by 1734. (Not the

famous Dr. Thomas Walker b 25 Jan 1715). It is believed his wife was Elizabeth Taylor. There were three children, James,

Thomas and Charles. Allied families included are Adkins, Bartram, Blankenship, Chapman, Crabtree, Davis, Ferguson,

Frazier, Johnson, Lambert, Morris, Newman, Osburn, Robinson, Smith, Thompson, Vaughan, Wilson.; 1996; 918 pp; HCB

Wampler Family Record, A 362

- Mason, Floyd R.; John Wampler and Magdalena Garber of Maryland and Virginia. The family came to America in 1741 from

Alsace and Switzerland. Genealogy begins with the grandson of Hans Peter Wampfler Sr. and the son of Hans Peter Wampler

Jr., John Wampler I whomoved to Rockingham Co., VA in 1811 with his wife Magdalena Garber. Allied families include Andes,

Cline, Driver, Flory, Garber, Huffman, Miller, Roller, Shifflett, Wolf, Zimmerman, and many more.; 1996; 383 pp; HCB

Whetzel Family, The 698

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; The book begins with Marten Whetzell, d. 1760, and his wife Eve. It is believed that

his sons Marten and Hendrick came to American a few years after their father. Some allied families included are Allan, Basore,

Combs, Delawder, Ennis, Fogle, Goodrich, Hartman, Johnson, Kuggler, Lloyd, McDonald, Newton, Orbaugh, Propst,

Toudabush, See, Tusing, Vogan, Wilt, Yocum.; 1991; 214 pp; SCB

Wine Family In America, The - Section III 664

- Wine, Joseph F.; Chiefly the Descendants of Michael Wine (1747-1822), with a preceding chapter of "background glimpses,"

including items relating to Michael's father, Johann George Wine. Included are 50 pages by Harvey A. Wine entitled "The

Descendants of Adam Wine" Section III, Part 2. Chiefly the descendants of Adam Wine 2 (1744- ) son of Johann George Wine,

of German Ancestry, who landed in Philadelphia on August 24, 1749.; 1971; 532 pp; HCB

Wine Family in America, The - Section IV 873

- Wine, Dennis H. & Link, Donald N.; Tracing the Wine Family from Germany in the early 1600's through present day. This

handsome hardcover volume features over 1000 pages, 238 photos, 16 family trees and several maps.; 2000; 1010 pp; HCB

Wip Robinson, III 300

- Jones, Nancy B.; Robinson family history.; 1983; 122 pp; SCB

Wittig Family of Rockingham Co., Va., The 699

- Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie; The book begins with Ulrich Wittig, b. 1810, d. 1889, who came from Saxony,

Germany with his wife Catherine Baughman, b. 1807, d 1896, and their first children in 1837. Their children were George, Sr.

m. Rachel Blizzard; Henry Wittig, Sr. m. Mary Moyer; Mary Wittig m. Joseph A. Dove; John Wittig; William Wittig, Sr. m. Mary

Fink; and Marten Wittig.; 1990; 53 pp; SCB

Ziegler Family Record 363

- Mason, Floyd R.; Maps, wills, deeds,and early picures,13,000 indexed names, Thomas, Wampler, Wenger and many more.;

1990; 650 pp; HCB


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