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A History of the Town of Dayton, Virginia 975

- Carrie Sites & Effie Hess; A delight small paperback book giving the reader a thorough background on the history and

process of Dayton, Virginia, a small town located in a heavily populated Menonnite area of western Virgninia.; 1962; 85 pp; SCB

Bridgewater-Sesquicentennial Edition 1835 -1985 56

- Town of Bridgewater; An interesting pictorial history of the Town of Bridgewater, Rockingham Co., VA.; 1985; 37 pp; SCB

Genoa School 412

- Turner, Lena and Ritchie, Patricia; History of Genoa School in Fulks Run, Va, 1919-1961 with many old photos.; 2009; 144 pp;


Historic Harrisonburg 647

- Wayland, John W.; The founding and growth of the County Seat of Rockingham County, VA. Includes a chronological table of

events from 1739 to 1949. Important personages include Thomas Harrison, Founder, Bishop Francis Asbury, Charles B.

Gatewood who secured the surrender of Geronimo, Apache Chief, Charles T. O'Ferrel of Civil War Fame, Governor of Virginia

(1894-1898), Kyd Douglas and many others.; 1990; 419 pp; HCB

History of Cedar Run Community 449

- Nair, Charles E., Rev.; Twenty years of the author's early life, surnames - Ackerman, Baker, Bowman, through Shisler and

Wine plus many more names.; 1948; 41 pp; SCB

Images of America: Bridgewater 558

- Bob F. Holton & Carleen Loveless; The story of town of Bridgewater, Virginia in pictures during the 19th and 20th centuries

from the town's archives.; 2010; 127 pp; SCB

Images of America: Harrisonburg 986

- Scott Suter & Cheryl Lyon; This small paperback book tells the story of Harrisonburg, Virginia in pictures. The 128 page

book contains early photographs of Harrisonburg with captions describing to the reader the history of early 20th century

Harrisonburg.; 2003; 128 pp; SCB

Journey Into The Past: Historic Harrisonburg 572

- Sullivan, Robert J., Jr.; Twenty-eight black and white drawings of buildings labeled with their name and location.; 1980; 1 pp;


My Recollections of Rocktown 83

- Carr, Maria; Story written as remembered from childhood - information about families, manners, customs, etc; 1984; 52 pp;


Staunton Virginia - Another Treasury of Historic Tales 780

- Charles Culbertson; A brief historic review of the town of Staunton, Virginia with long-forgotten heroes, scoundrels, and

movers and shakers from its past.; 2007; 200 pp; HCB

The History of New Hope Virginia 836

- Owen E. Harner & Wayne E. Garber; Tucked away in the Northeast corner of Augusta County, Virginia is the farming village

of New Hope, who's roots go back to the earliest Shenandoah Valley settlers. Photos and information about the community's

people, houses, businesses, and organizations.; 2006; 180 pp; SCB

Timberville, The Early Years 191

- Garber, Beverly L.; Names & excerpts from diaries, general information about the town of Timberville, Virginia.; 1993; 0 pp;



Early Quaker Records in Virginia 659

- White, Jr., Miles; Based on Chuckatuck record.; 1989; 64 pp; SCB

Fairfax Line, A Historic Landmark 406

- McClinton, Coleman & Wayland; Events and personalities involved in the development of an historical landmark.; 1990; 97 pp;


Fire of Liberty in Their Hearts, The 271

- Horst, Samuel L.; Diary of Jacob E. Yoder of the Freedmen's Bureau School, Lynchburg, VA.; 1996; 240 pp; HCB

French & Indian War in Frederick Co., Va. 717

- Norman L. Baker; Study of the Colonial frontier period through the French & Indian War and into the Revolution in Frederick

County, Virginia and the role of opening the Virginia frontiers.; 2000; 211 pp; SCB

German Element of the Shenandoah, The 646

- Wayland, John W.; When, where, and why the Germans came to the valley.; 1989; 312 pp; HCB

Great Valley Patriots 663

- Wilson, Howard McKnight; Western Virginian counties, West Virginia counties, and counties in the Pittsburgh and Kentucky

areas. Heroic efforts in these areas.; 1976; 264 pp; HCB

Great Wagon Road, The 500

- Rouse, Jr., Park; The story is about the principal highway of the eighteenth-century frontier southward from Penna. The

growth of the route after 1744 is an important chapter in the development of a nation. Vast numbers of English, Scotch-Irish,

and Germanic settlers entered this continent by this route to claim their lands.; 1995; 291 pp; SCB

Guide to Virginia Historical Markers 506

- Arnold, Scott David; Text of highway historical markers. Third Edition with updated information.; 2007; 366 pp; SCB

Heads Of Families at the First Census of the US taken in the year 1790 Virginia 90

- U.S. Government; These records were taken from the state tax enumerations of 1782-1785. A great finding guide for locating

relations at the end of the 18th century.; 1990; 189 pp; SCB

Historic Springs of the Virginias 123

- Cohen, Stan; Historic springs, spas, and resorts. pictorial history.; 1991; 218 pp; SCB

History of the Valley of Virginia, A 307

- Kercheval, Samuel; Hardships and adventures of our forefathers as they settled on land between the Blue Ridge and

Allegheny Mts. Information on Indian wars and settlements, Dunmores wars, Revolutionary war etc..; 1986; 405 pp; HCB

Lost Trails & Forgotten People, Story of Jones Mountain 183

- Floyd, Tom; Story of Jones Mountain - the people who lived there before the park.; 1985; 160 pp; SCB

Post Cards of the Past 416

- Thorne, Charles R.; An informal history of life in the Shenandoah Valley 1900-1950 as seen on the scenic postcards of the

past.; 2009; 122 pp; HCB

Settlers by the Long Gray Trail 228

- Harrison, J. Houston; Bear,Bowm,an,Brown,Burkholder,conrad,Davis,Davidson,Decker,Ewing,Hanna,Hankel,Moore,Yncy

and others.; 1984; 665 pp; HCB

Shenandoah Heritage; Story of the People before Park 475

- Reeder, Carolyn & Jack; Story of the people before the park, 300 sites - farms, mills, schools, churches, etc.; 1988; 87 pp; SCB

Shenandoah National Park Impressions 427

- Blackley, Pat & Chuck; Color photography of Shenandoah National Park.; 2003; 80 pp; SCB

Shenandoah Secrets; Story of Park's Hidden Past 476

- Reeder, Carolyn & Jack; Secrets of the parks forest.; 1991; 184 pp; SCB

Shenandoah Valley Pioneer Settlers 224

- Hammond, Gene Paige; Bucher, Dellinger, Eye, Hammond, Savage, Walter & allied families.; 1987; 69 pp; SCB

Shenandoah Vestiges; What Mountain People Left Behind 477

- Reeder, Carolyn & Jack; Pictures and prose about farm sites, graves and artifacts left by the inhabitants.; 1993; 71 pp; SCB

Small-Town Restaurants in Virginia 860

- Anderson, Joanne M.; This book offers no critiques nor does it rate the restaurants. A "small town" is an incorporated town,

an independent city or a spot in the road with a U. S. Post Office.; 1999; 257 pp; SCB

Southern Sketches from VA 1881-1901 326

- Langhorne, Orra edited by Chas. E. Wynes; Articles published by the Hampton Institute picturing Virginia life; 1964; 145 pp;


The CCC and Me 980

- Raymond Daugherty; The author relates his experience as a worker in the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) of Camp Hardy

from 1934 to 1942, as they buillt Lost River State Park, West Virginia. The book contains a list of the many workers who worked

in this camp.; 2003; 83 pp; SCB

The Dean Mountain Story 150

- Dean, Gloria; James and Sarah and their children on Deans mountain; 1982; 80 pp; SCB

The Great Forest - John Clayton & Flora 188

- Frye, Harriet; Life story of a man who laid the foundation for American botany.; 1990; 121 pp; SCB

The Great Valley Road of Virginia 445

- Hofstra, Warren R. & Raitz, Karl; The story of the historic Great Valley road and its role in the economic and social life of the

Shenandoah Valley. It features original, previously unpublished chapters by leading scholars by four significant periods of the

road's development.; 2010; 309 pp; HCB

The Planting of New Virginia 448

- Hofstra, Warren R.; The first comprehensive geographical history of one of North America's most significant frontier areas.

It examines the early landscape history of the Shenandoah Valley in its regional and global context and sheds new light on

social, economic, political, and intellectural developments that affected both the regiona and the entire North American Atlantic

world.; 2004; 410 pp; SCB

Touring the Shenandoah Valley Backroads 859

- Sutcliffe, Andrea; This book presents thirteen tours covering parts of Virginia and West Virginia. Included are photographs,

history and stories of the places on tours.; 1999; 249 pp; SCB

Twenty-five Chapters on the Shenandoah Valley 652

- Wayland, John W.; Formation of counties, races and religions. Naming of streams and mountains, bridges and builders.;

1989; 434 pp; HCB

Undying Past of Shenandoah Park, The 324

- Lambert, Darwin; History of the Indians 12,000 years ago. Early settlers of the Piedmont, the Shenandoah valley, and early

settlers.; 1989; 330 pp; SCB

Virginia Impressions 423

- Gurche, Charles; Color photography of Virginia scenes.; 2001; 80 pp; SCB

Virginia Valley Records 902

- Wayland, John; Genealogical and Historical Materials of Rockingham County, Virginia and Related Regions (With Map).

This volume is largely a source book of public records of Rockingham, Augusta, Greenbrier, Wythe, Montgomery Counties,

and other counties of Virginia, with valuable contributions from various other parts of the United States. Civil War data. Family

notes include: Hooke, Craig, Laird, Miller, Kemper, Custer, Bennett, Price, Cassell, Keesling, Simmerman, Spencer,

Sourwine, Bowman.; 2000; 491 pp; HCB

Virginia: Off The Beaten Path 124

- Colbert, Judy & Ed; Connoisseur's guide.; 1995; 162 pp; SCB

Wildflowers of the of the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. 219

- Gupton, Oscar & Swope, Fred; Covers counties of Rockbridge, Rockingham, Page, Shenandoah, Warren, Clarke, Fredrick.;

1993; 208 pp; HCB

Will & Estate Records Virginia State Library; Researchers Guide 633

- Vogt & Kethley; The volume includes a listing of 2,136 microfilmed will, estate and related records. In addition, several

hundred published works which contain source materials are included. (WVA materials are not included in this volume); 1987;

186 pp; SCB

West Virginia

Dyer Settlement, The; Fort Seybert Massacre 586

- Talbot, Mary Lee Keister; Early settlement of the Upper South Fork Valley.; 1992; 64 pp; SCB

Place called Smoke Hole, A 519

- Shreve, D. Bardon & Estyl C.; From the making of moonshine to the ghost of Deep Hollow, Mr. Shreve tells of life as he knew

it during the 30's and 40's in the then thriving community of Smoke Hole WV. The boyish pranks at the little one-room

schoolhouse would be considered major discipline problems in today's educational facilities. He expounds on the religious life

of the community and the rowdy "sawmill boys." His is a nostalgic journey through time past written with whimsical humor and

deep compassion.; 1997; 205 pp; SCB

West Virginia Atlas & Gazetteer 156

- DeLorme Mapping; Map includes secondary and back roads with useful features such as topography, land cover, attractions

and points of interest. A unique combination of detailed maps and comprehensive recreational information. Size is 11" x 15

1/2"; 1997; 64 pp; SCB


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