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Stained Glass Windows in the Churches of Rockingham


The stained glass windows in Rockingham County tend to be less ornate

than those in Harrisonburg. The congregations have been people that lead a more
basic lifestyle and the churches reflect this.

Also these churches often have small, round windows with biblical themes.
These themes tend to be repeated in the various churches. For the purposes of this
document, they are called “medallions”.

This publication is an addition to the book “The Stained Glass Windows in
the Churches of Harrisonburg”. It is organized by areas of Rockingham County and
the towns in those areas.

A primary objective of this project is to preserve images not only of the
church itself, but to have records of the stained windows. Already in 2014 various
churches have disappeared and their windows no longer exist.

There are a number of churches that have simple small stained glass windows
typically around the sanctuary with no ornamental designs. These churches /
windows are not included here.

Photography and editing by Seymour Paul.

Cover: “Jesus and Lamb”, a panel from The Dayton Presbyterian Church large window.

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