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The inspiration for a Virginia Conference History goes at least as far
back as Dr. Abraham Paul Funkhouser.

Dr. Funkhouser had gathered from many sources an accumulation of
historical data over a period of years. He had hoped finally to incorporate
much of this into a history, especially of the Virginia Conference.
Unfortunately he did not live to realize this purpose.

The services of another Virginian, the writer and historian Mr. Oren
F. Morton were then secured. Mr. Morton undertook to organize this
accumulation, and together with such additional material as he was able to
obtain prepared a modest volume of the history of our Conference which was
published about 1820. The Conference is indebted to Mr. Morton for thus
salvaging much that might eventually have been lost.

It was quite unfortunate however that Mr. Morton could not have
talked with Dr. Funkhouser personally. That handicap made it impossible
to avoid the inclusion of a few factual inaccuracies. Moreover, more
than half a century has elapsed since much of Mr. Funkhouser’s data was
first committed to notes for preservation. Slightly less, since the
publication of the Morton volume.

In the past several years there has been a growing conviction that the
time is ripe for revising this data and bringing it down to date in a new
History of the Virginia Conference.

In addition to its other published material this history now makes
available for the first time in many cases, a wealth of pictures. In these
days when pictures are increasingly called upon to render the service of a
multitude of words, these will enable the reader to better visualize the
servants of the church and the places of worship with which many of
them were associated. This will add of course to the cost of such a
publication requiring that extraneous matter be held to the minimum and
even factual material held to essentials.

All this should counter the greater cost by adding considerably to its
readership incentive and the value of this volume for reference and
preservation beyond its honored predecessor; thus insuring its widest
possible distribution and usefulness.

It has required years of patient and persistent research, and careful
investigation to acquire, compile and edit data for the publication of this
history. Few can understand the patience, the long and careful investigation
required to run down and verify even one fact. Some single paragraphs of
this record represent months of investigation.

As a labor of love and appreciation, the Rev. Mr. Glovier is writing this
History of the Virginia Conference, with the earnest hope that the
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