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From my early school days I have had an absorbing interest in
biographies, genealogies, and histories. At the very beginning of my ministry
in 1916 it was quite natural that I should become interested in my Church
History and in the History of the Virginia Conference. Since then I have
been collecting all data relevant to Conference History that I could acquire.
Since 1940 I have had the honor of being the official Conference Historian.
At the annual conference of 1963 an appropriation was voted by the conference
for further research and compilation. At the annual conference of 1964 the
historian was authorized by the annual conference to proceed with the preparation
of accumulated materials for immediate publication, and an appropriation was
made for the same.

Reference is made in the foreword by Dr. Carl W. Hiser to a former history
of the Virginia Conference published in 1921, and to the present pictorial history
as being more complete and up to date. It is hoped that this history will be
unique, and fascinating, and that having pictures of ministers and churches
before them will greatly stimulate the interest of the readers in the book.

We have had access to the Funkhouser History of the Conference, to
Newcomer’s Journal, to the Church Discipline, and to the Virginia Conference
News. We are fortunate in having all printed conference minutes since 1879.
Some valuable information was obtained by word of mouth from older
ministers and laymen of the Conference. From questionnaires sent to ministers
requesting their autobiographies, and from questionnaires asking for historical
sketches of churches, we have acquired much important data for our history.
The author has acquired a valuable collection of old annual conference
pictures from various sources.

It has been a great advantage in writing this history to have been a member
of the Virginia Conference for forty-eight years, and to have a personal
knowledge of many churches, including old abandoned churches, as well as an
acquaintance with many now departed brethren in the ministry. A warm personal
friendship with the present roster of Virginia Conference ministers most of whom
gave hearty response to requests for historical data concerning themselves and
their churches, has made the task of writing this history easier and more
pleasant. My wife, Ethel, has anxiously and patiently shared with me in this

Worthy of honorable mention are hundreds of lay members of the Virginia
Conference who by their faith and good works have helped to make our
glorious history. It would take volumes to tell the story of

these heroes and heroines. To mention a few would not be just or fair to

At this writing it seems probable that the Evangelical United Brethren
Church will form a merger with the Methodist Church in which event the
Evangelical United Brethren Church would lose its identity as a church or
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