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In the eighteenth century it pleased the Lord our God to awaken persons
in different parts of the world who should raise up the Christian religion from its
fallen state and preach the gospel of Christ crucified in its purity.

About the middle of said century, the Lord, in mercy, remembered the
Germans in America, who, living scattered in this extensive country, seldom had
an opportunity to hear the gospel of a crucified Savior preached to them in
their native language.

Among others, he raised up WILLIAM OTTERBEIN and MARTIN
BOEHM, in the State of Pennsylvania, and GEORGE A. GUETHING, in
the State of Maryland, armed them with spirit, grace, and strength to labor in
his neglected vineyard, and to call, among the Germans in America, sinners
to repentance. These men obeyed the call of their Lord and Master. Their
labors were blessed, and they established in many places excellent societies and
led many precious souls to Jesus Christ. Their sphere of action spread more
and more, so that they found it necessary to look about for more fellow-
laborers to toil in the vineyard of the Lord; for the harvest was great and the
laborers were few. The Lord called others, who were willing to devote their
strength to his service. Such persons were accepted by one or another of the
preachers as fellow-laborers.

The number of members in the society in different parts of the country
continued to increase as time passed, and the gracious work of reformation spread
through the State of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Several great
meetings were appointed and held annually. On such occasions OTTERBEIN
would hold particular conversations with the preachers then present, and
represent to them the importance of the ministry and the necessity of their
utmost endeavors to save souls. At one of these meetings it was resolved to
hold a conference of all the preachers, in order to consider in what manner
they might be most useful.

The first conference was held in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, in the
year of our Lord 1789. The following preachers were present:
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