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could not otherwise be supplied. The work soon extended into the States of
Ohio and Kentucky. It then became necessary to appoint a conference in
the State of Ohio, because it was thought too laborious for the preachers who
labored in those States to travel annually such a great distance to

Meantime, Martin Boehm and George A. Guething died, and Bishop
Otterbein desired that another bishop should be elected (because infirmity
and old age would not permit him to superintend any longer), who should
take charge of the society, and preserve discipline and order. It was
resolved at a former conference that whenever one of the bishops died
another should be elected in his place. Accordingly, Christian Newcomer was
elected bishop, to take charge of and superintend the concerns of the

The want of a book of discipline in the society had long been deeply felt.
Partial attempts to provide one had been made at different times. Hence it
was resolved, at the Conference held in the State of Ohio, that a General
Conference should be held, in order to provide the same, in a manner not
derogatory to the Word of God. The members of this conference were to be
elected from among the preachers in the different parts of the country by a
vote of the society in general. The following brethren were duly elected:

Christian Newcomer Daniel Troyer
Abraham Hiestand George Benedum

Andrew Zeller Abraham Troxel
Christian Berger Henry G. Spayth
Abraham Mayer I. Niswander
John Schneider Christian Krum

Henry Kumler Jacob Bowlus

The conference convened on the 6th of June, 1815, near Mt. Pleasant,
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. After mature deliberation, they
presented to their brethren a Book of Discipline, containing the doctrine and
rules of the Church, desiring that these, together with the Work of God,
should be strictly observed, and admonishing the membership in the following

God is a God of order: but where there is no order and no church
discipline, the spirit of love and charity will be lost.

Therefore, brethren, we beseech you to follow the example of our Lord,
as it is written, “be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in
honor preferring one another.” Let the mind be in you which was in Christ,
who took upon him the form of a servant, humbled him-
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