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1800 - 1860

The Shenandoah Valley, as popularly known and designated, is that part of
Virginia lying between the Blue Ridge and the Alleghany Mountains east and
west, and the Potomac and the James Rivers north and south; and it contains
two counties in West Virginia, and eight in Virginia as at present constituted.

The settlement of the Valley of Virginia goes back to an early period.
The German immigrants seeking freedom to worship God in America came in
large numbers to Pennsylvania in the seventeenth century, and in the eighteenth
century they had spread over so large a part of Pennsylvania as to cause them
to overflow into Virginia south of the Potomac. They were attracted by the
accounts which they heard of the invigorating climate, fertile soil, and pure
water of the great Valley. These original Germans were faithful to their
religion, and led useful and quiet lives.

To these Germans came Philip William Otterbein from Germany as a
missionary preacher in 1752. In the latter part of the eighteenth century and
early part of the nineteenth century, he made preaching tours into the Valley.
Other early preachers of the Church were doing the same.

Dr. John W. Wayland, Ph. D., pens a beautiful and glowing portrayal of
Virginia in the following lines.

Old Virginia

Tell me of a land that’s fair, With the smile of heaven there.
Of a land that’s e’er the dearest as I roam.
Where the hills encircling rise, And the mountains kiss the skies
O that land is Old Virginia, and my home!
Tell me of a land where glows Loves first blush upon the rose,
Where the lily springs the whitest from the loam:
Where the “Daughter of the Sky” And the James go rolling by
O that land is Old Virginia, and my home!
Tell me of a land that gave Ever bravest of the brave,
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