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History of U.B. Churches in Harrisonburg-Staunton Region December 26, 2013

Figure 1. Ecclesiastical Background for United Brethren

Differences arose in the Denomination after growth of almost a century, and culminated in a
division in 1891. The group which broke off called themselves “The United Evangelical Church.”
However, as shown at the left of Figure 1, the two groups came back together in 1922 and used the name
“The Evangelical Church.”

Three attempts were made for the uniting of the Evangelical Church with the United Brethren in
Christ. The third attempt resulted in the most unique and successful union yet to take place in the
United States. This was November 26, 1946 when the two denominations became known as the
Evangelical United Brethren Church.

At the close of our second General Conference of the new denomination November 10-20, 1950,
we had a membership of more than 800,000 almost 2,800 active ministers, more than 4,800 church
buildings, and 2,600 parsonages. At this general Conference several Annual Conferences were
combined and Episcopal areas changed until at present we have seven active bishops with 39 Annual
Conferences in North America, and 6 foreign Annual Conferences. We have eight colleges, two
theological seminaries, two publishing houses, and nine institutions for children and the aged. Our
foreign missions are more than doubled in number and members since the church union. There are four
home missions; Red Bird and Barnett’s Creek, both in Kentucky, the field in New Mexico, and Tampa,

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