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History of U.B. Churches in Harrisonburg-Staunton Region December 26, 2013

Source: [Glovier 1965].
Acknowledgments: Individuals—Robert M. Anderson, Hal Atkins (Cresaptown), Rita Beeman, William R. Brown, Donnie Cardwell,
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Schildt, Wilson A. Shearer, Kenneth R. Shobe, Denny Sites (Jerusalem Chapel), Mrs. Leila Stuckey, W. Scott Summers (Potomac Charge),
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and SU Library—Christopher Bean, Director, University Libraries; Stacy Baggett, Electronic Resources Librarian; Megan B. Bowers,
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Circulation Coordinator; Lucinda A. Thomas, Research Librarian, Catherine Tisinger, University Archives; and Megan Williams,
Technical Services Librarian.
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