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History of U.B. Churches in Harrisonburg-Staunton Region December 26, 2013

The One Obligation of Christ. That the offering which was once made by Christ on the Cross
is the perfect redemption, propitiation and satisfaction for the sins of the whole world, both original and
actual; so that there is no other satisfaction required but that alone.

The Rites and Ceremonies of the Church. That it is by no means necessary that ceremonies
and rites should in all places be the same; for they have always been different, and may be changed
according to the diversity of countries, times, and national customs, provided that nothing be introduced
contrary to God’s ordinances.

Civil Government. That the sovereignty of the governments under whose protection our
members reside, should be respected. We believe that war and bloodshed are not agreeable to the
Gospel and Spirit of Christ. As Christian citizens it is our duty to give moral strength and purpose to our
respective nations through sober, righteous and godly living.

Christians’ Property. That Christians should regard their lawful possessions as a sacred trust to
be administered according to the principles and spirit of Christ.

The Christian Sabbath. That the Christian Sabbath is divinely appointed; that it is
commemorative of our Lord’s resurrection from the grave and is an emblem of our eternal rest; that it is
essential to the welfare of our civil community, and to the permanence and growth of the Christian
church, and that it should be reverently observed as a day of holy rest and of social and public worship.

The Future State. In the resurrection of the dead; the future general judgment; and an eternal
state of rewards, in which the righteous dwell in endless life, and the wicked in endless punishment.

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