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Volume 6 Relation of U.B/EUB Virginia Conferences to Shenandoah University Dec. 26, 2013

years of 1881 and 1882, Rev. Funkhouser was, in fact, at Otterbein College, carrying a full load of
academic studies and could not possibly have had anything to do with operating the School. A letter
(which is fully discussed in a later section) signed by Rev. Funkhouser and others states that the Board
of Directors of the Seminary was opposed to Rev. Funkhouser having any part in operating the School.
This evidence, along with other equally well-founded statements, require a revision of the lists of those
men who headed Shenandoah Seminary during the years 1875 to 1883. By use of the various articles
appearing in The Religious Telescope and U.B. Yearbook; advertisements of the School in various
periodicals; and from Minutes of the Virginia Conference of the U.B. Church, the list in the following
table (Table 1) was compiled.

Table 1. Chief Administrators of the School 1875-1922

Name Scholastic Chief Administrators
Dayton High School Year
Shenandoah Seminary Abraham P. Funkhouser, A.B., principal
1875-75 Jay N. Fries, A.M., principal
Shenandoah Institute 1876-77 J. N. Fries, principal
Shenandoah Collegiate Institute 1877-78 A. P. Funkhouser, proprietor
Shenandoah College J. N. Fries, principal
1878-79 A. P. Funkhouser, manager
J. N. Fries, principal
1879-80 A. P. Funkhouser, manager
W. J. Zuck, A.M., principal
1880-82 J. N. Fries, principal
1882-83 George P. Hott, A.M., principal
1883-84 I. H. Sonedecker, principal
1884-85 J. N. Fries, principal
1885-87 G. P. Hott, principal
1887-96 Elmer U. Hoenshel, A.M., principal
1896-1903 E. U. Hoenshel, principal
1903-10 James H. Ruebush, M. Mus., principal
1910-22 David T. Gregory, D.D., principal
1922-25 D. T. Gregory, president
1925-26 Arthur L. Maiden, D.D., president
1926-30 Vernon L. Phillips, A.M., president

Extended for years beyond 1883 by the Editor, based on Conference Minutes and Shenandoah
Seminary-Institute Catalogs.

Shenandoah College and
Conservatory of Music, in its 1975
yearbook Zynodoa, simply states:
“During its early years, Shenandoah was
under the executive leadership of, first, A.
P. Funkhouser (1875-1885), followed by
J. N. Fries (1885-1887) and then G. P.
Hott (1887-1895)” [Zynodoa 1975,
p. 3].13 The map at the right is from the
May 1915 Institute Catalog.

From the founding of the School
in 1875 until the summer of 1881, Rev.
Funkhouser took charge of most of the

13 G. P. Hott was actually Principal for 9 years, 1887-1896, in addition to serving the interim period 1883-84.

Miller, et al., on History of S.C., 1875-1950 5
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