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Volume 6 Relation of U.B/EUB Virginia Conferences to Shenandoah University Dec. 26, 2013

come to an agreement on the transfer of Shenandoah Seminary to the Virginia Conference, it was
decided to dissolve the old Board of 15 members and elect a new Board composed of nine members.
The following were elected to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Conference School: G. P. Hott,
Michael J. Hinkle, S. K. Wine, A. P. Funkhouser, Henry Jones, Solomon Burtner, H. H. Hanger, Casper
Funkhouser, and J. W. Howe. Prof. Fries read the Report on Education, whose conclusion was the
following resolution [1884 Minutes, p. 8]:

Whereas, The Virginia Conference has declared its purpose to establish an institution of
learning, appointed a Board of Trustees, and authorized and sent out an agent who has
secured donations in notes, stocks, bonds, etc., and whereas a large portion of said donations
consist in stock in Shenandoah Seminary, which stock will be forfeited unless the proffer is duly
respected, therefore, be it Resolved (1) That we authorize the Board of Trustees to purchase
the above-named institution, that is, the remaining or unproffered portion thereof. (2) That an
agent shall be elected by Conference who shall procure donations for said institution. His
remuneration shall be decided by the Board of Trustees. (3) That said agent shall make his
report to the Board, at such time or times as shall be specified by that body. (4) That five (5)
trustees be elected to fill the place of those whose term of office has expired.

Henry Jones was elected the agent for the proposed institution, to replace A. P. Funkhouser, who
had held that position until this time. Following the 1884 Conference, the Board of Trustees met and
elected George P. Hott as President, S. K. Wine as Secretary, and Henry Jones, Treasurer. It was agreed
to give the agent 10 percent for notes taken and 5 percent for notes or cash collected. On June 6, 1884,
the Board met and the agent reported that there was then $5,700 in notes given to the School. Rev.
Henry Jones was appointed to represent the Conference Trustees at the next meeting of the Stockholders
and to try to put control of Shenandoah Seminary “in the hands of the Conference Trustees.”

The Board of Directors of Shenandoah Seminary met June 10, 1884, in Dayton, and after hearing
from Rev. Jones they resolved that “The management and control of Shenandoah Seminary be placed in
the hands of the Board of Trustees of the Virginia Conference of the United Brethren in Christ.”21 The
Conference Board of Trustees immediately made arrangements to have the School rechartered and
changed the name to Shenandoah Institute. The Board decided to rent the Institute to some suitable man
“to be run in the interest of the Church.”22

There is no information in the Minutes of the Board of Trustees indicating the amount paid for
the School. However, in 1905, Trustee Treasurer A. S. Hammack reported to Annual Conference that
“The cost of the property including Ladies Hall and furnishings, and all of the present ground was
$6,000” [1905 Minutes, p. 16].

A Professor Sonedecker was in charge of the School as Principal when it opened in
September 1884. In October the Board met and heard a report from the Executive Committee
[presumably the chairman, secretary, and treasurer] that there was a matter of disagreement between the
Committee and Prof. Sonedecker. Professor Sonedecker had employed Mrs. A. P. Funkhouser as a
teacher, and this was the point of contention. Finally, following discussion by Committee members and
the Principal, these instructions were issued23:

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