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Stained Glass Medallion Windows – A Collection


There are many medallion stained glass windows in Rockingham County, Va. The Harrisonburg
city churches do not emphasize this style of window and are more ornate. Most medallions are part of
larger windows. More information about the Rockingham County stained windows may be found in the
books “Stained Glass Windows in the Churches of Harrisonburg” and “Stained Glass Windows in the
Churches of Rockingham”.

For purposes of this booklet, medallion windows are those that are rounded in shape and typically
biblical subjects are used. Another term for this style window is a “Roundel”.

In the history of stained glass windows, a medallion window may be defined various ways, and
may not be round. Most medallions use a painted glass technique to provide the needed detail.

Selected medallion windows from other locations than Rockingham County have been included to
exhibit other interpretations of these subjects and the beauty they exhibit. More descriptions of the
symbolism are at the end of this document.

The window shown on the cover is not a typical medallion window and is shown as an example of
the lovely small stained insets included in the larger windows. Lilies represent purity. (Trinity Reformed

Rockingham County, Virginia Page 2
Bridgewater United Methodist Church, Bridgewater, Va. Page 6
Trinity Reformed Church, Mt. Crawford, Va. Page 9
St. Michaels Reformed Church, south of Bridgewater, Va. Page 12
John Wesley Methodist Church, Harrisonburg, Va. Page 14
Dayton Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Va. Page 16
Port Republic Methodist Church, Port Republic, Va. Page 17
Asbury United Methodist Church, Harrisonburg, Va.
(Photographs taken in 2014/16 by Seymour Paul) Page 19

Key West, Florida Page 27
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Key West, Fl.
(Photographs taken in 2015 by Seymour Paul) Page 30

St. Augustine, Florida Page 35
Memorial Presbyterian Church, St. Augustine, Fl.
(Photographs taken in 2016 by Seymour Paul) Page 39

Lynchburg, Virginia Page 44
Holy Cross Catholic Church, Lynchburg, Va.
(Photographs taken in 2016 by Seymour Paul) Page 48

A Russian Window
An interesting view.
(Photographs taken in 2016 by Seymour Paul)

Christian Symbols
What the symbols mean.

Saints used in Stained Glass Windows
Christian Saints – a list with descriptions.

Mosque windows.
(Photographs taken in 2013 by Seymour Paul)

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