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Stained Glass Medallion Windows – A Collection

St Paul’s Episcopal Church – Key West Fl.

This is a Shield of the Holy Trinity. The center circle The eagle is the Christian symbol for St. John, the
contains the word "Deus" or God. The three outer Evangelist. It exemplifies the power, victory and the
circles contain the words "Pater" or Father, "Filius" spread of the Gospel.
or Son, and "Sanctus Spiritus" or Holy Spirit. In the
bands connecting the center to outer circle is the
Latin word "est' or is. This reads "God is Father",
"God is Son", etc. The outer circles are connected
with the words "no est" or is not. Thus the "Father
is not the Son", etc. This explains the doctrine of
the Trinity which holds that "God is the Father the
Son and the Holy Spirit; however the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Spirit are separate from one

The bursting pomegranate is a symbol of
immortality, hope and the Resurrection; the palm
leaf is a sign of victory and heavenly rewards.

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