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Stained Glass Medallion Windows – A Collection

In Biblical times, the mitre was the official The dove has a nimbus, a circle of radiant light,
headdress of the high priest. It was made of fine surrounding its head. The dove is a symbol of the
linen and had a total length of eight yards. Today it Holy Spirit as written in Latin "Sanctus Spiritus".
is the folding cap representing the cloven tongues
of fire on Pentecost worn by archbishops, bishops
and abbots as a symbol of authority. The crosier is
also a symbol of office carried by bishops and
abbots. The Maltese Cross dates back to the days
of Crusades when the order of the Hospitallers
used it as their emblem.

The reclining lamb represents Christ, as the "Lamb Christ the Victor. The upright letter is a combination
of God that taketh away the sins of the world." The of a cross and a "P", signifying the first two letters
book represents a scroll, interpreted here as the Chi (X) and Rho (P) of the Greek word for Christ,
Bible; the seven seals symbolize the difficulty in "Christos." They were put together to form this
opening the book as only Christ can open the symbol for Christ. The "N" stands for NIKA, or
seals. conqueror, in Greek.

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