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Stained Glass Medallion Windows – A Collection

This represents the bread and wine of the Lord's Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of
Supper. The word chalice is Latin for goblet. This the Greek alphabet and signify that Jesus is the
traditionally is used to administer the wine at Holy beginning and end of all things. Alpha and Omega
Communion. "Sanctus" is Latin for Holy. The letters is an early symbol representing Christ and has
"I H S" on the Eucharistic bread above the Chalice been found in catacombs, coins, and mosaics of
is a monogram representing Christ. "I H S" are the ancient churches.
first three letters (iota, eta, sigma) of the Greek
spelling of Jesus. Christ's name was spelled thus in
the middle ages.

This is a monogram symbolizing Christ. It is The winged man represents Saint Matthew
comprised of the first two Greek letters, Chi (X) and because he began his gospel with the human
Rho (P) of the title "Christos". The fleur-de-lis is the genealogy of Jesus. Golden wings, a banderole
conventional form of the lily representing (banner), and nimbus (halo) are shown.
immortality as expressed in the Trinity.

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