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Volume 9 Preachers of U.B. and EUB Virginia Conferences December 26, 2013



The information provided below is primarily provided by Va. Conf. Minutes [excerpted in
Vols. 7 and 8 of this history]. These data are supplemented by biographical sketches in [Funkhouser
1921 (Chapters XIX and XX)] and [Glovier 1965] and other sources. With exception of a few
(missionaries and bishops born in Virginia), each of these preachers served in the U.B. and/or EUB era
of our Church. The complete list of references is provided at the end of Vol. 1.

Section I.B (immediately below) is formatted to assist local churches in creating an alphabetized
booklet of their pastors through 1969. For this purpose, references are supplied at the end of each
biographical sketch and quotes are kept to a minimum, although almost all the material is taken verbatim
from the indicated sources with editing as required to clarify meanings and integrate the events in
meaningful order. Footnotes are used for most references to public materials on the World-Wide Web;
these are expected to be deleted for local church histories, as are the references to sources for the
photographs of U.B./EUB preachers, where found.

The next section of this paper (Chapter II) provides, chronologically, the memoirs of these
preachers that were published in Va. Conf. Minutes and elsewhere. Memoirs of widows are included at
the appropriate date.

The last section of this paper (Chapter III) provides all the information that could be found in Va.
Conf. Minutes for the pastoral assignments of these preachers, 1800-1946.1


ABELS: William Abels was a member of Conference, beginning at least in 1824, when he was ordained.
He attended Conference until 1830. He served Dauphin Circuit in the MEC Philadelphia Conf., 1818-19. Note:
William Abels was admitted on trial in the Philadelphia Conference of the ME Church in 1818, but he does not
appear in any category in any subsequent year. He is known to have visited Liberia, Africa, as a preacher in
December 1831, apparently as part of an effort to return Negroes from America to Africa. [Funkhouser 1921,
p. 131; 235, 236, 242; Lycoming 2013].

ACHARD: Francis Achard was licensed at the Va. Conference of 1834. Nothing else is known.

AGNEW: Andrew Charles Agnew, Sr., was born Jan. 25, 1933, son of Daniel W. and Bessie Agnew;
converted at Antioch U.B. Church in 1944; educated at Antioch
schools; raised in the Keyser-Burlington area, and graduated from
Keyser High School (1951); student at Shenandoah College (1951-
52) and Potomac State College of Keyser (1952-54); and graduate of
Frostburg State Teachers College (B.S., 1957) and United Theological
Seminary (B.D., 1960). He taught in 1957 at Fort Hill High School of
Westernport. He married Miss Doris J. Harrison (daughter of Lena
and Foster D. Harrison of McCoole, Md.), and they have three
children, Andrew Jr. (serving in the U.S. Navy), Sue Ann, and David.

1 Drawn from the statistical and other reports of the Annual Conference Minutes.

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