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Volume 9 Preachers of U.B. and EUB Virginia Conferences December 26, 2013

Rev. Agnew has served Cedar Grove, Keezletown, 1952-53; Westernport, 1953-57; Dayton, 1960-64; and
Roanoke, 1964-68 in the Va. Conf. ; and Sate Road EUB Church, Germantown, Ohio, 1958-60. He joined Va.
Conf. in 1959 and was ordained in 1960. He was pastor of Roanoke EUB Church, 1964-67. [Glovier 1965, p.
266 from which the picture is taken]. Ottobine EUB Church of Dayton Circuit was remodeled and refurnished
and three new S.S. rooms built at Dayton EUB Church under Rev. Andy’s pastorate. The first racially
integrated football team in Roanoke was coached in 1964 by Rev. Andy and Roy McCormick. He served
Keyser Calvary EUB/UMC, 1968-69, and then as Administrator, Burlington Methodist Children’s Home, 1969-
76. Under his leadership, the ministry of the Home changed from that of custodial care to child treatment,
and staff and child care standards were upgraded accordingly; in addition, a third cottage was built in 1973,
increasing residential capacity to 42. During his tenure at the Home, he was a S.S. teacher at Burlington
Union Church, member of Mineral County Board of Education, member of Burlington Volunteer Fire
Department, team member of W.Va. UM Division of Health and Welfare Ministries, and member and twice
vice-president of W.Va. Child Care Association. In the Fall of 1974, he did clinical pastoral counseling a St.
Elizabeth’s Hospital. His next appointment was Summersville Memorial UMC, where he served 7 years, 1976-
83, during which tenure he served 4 ½ years as chaplain for Summersville Fire Department, 1979-83. He
then served Moorefield Charge UMC in the W.Va. Annual Conference, appointed by Bishop William Boyd Grove.
In addition to three children, Andy and Doris have two foster children (Brenda Robbins was with them since
Sep. 1964), four grandchildren, and two foster grandchildren. Pastor Andy’s hobbies are fishing, hunting, and
woodworking. In 2012 the W.Va. Conf. identifies Pastor Andy as retired, living in Burlington, W.Va. [WVAC
2012, p. 56].2 See also [Glovier 1965, pp. 86, 92, 170, 222, 232, 258, 259, 317].

AGNEW: Daniel C. Agnew, brother to Andrew Charles (above), was born Feb. 12, 1937,
near Burlington, W.Va., son of Daniel W. and Bessie Agnew. He was converted at the New
Creek Methodist Church, W.Va., in 1947. He received his education at the Keyser, W.Va., High
School, and graduated from Shenandoah (Class of 1956) and Shepherd Colleges. He served
the Mt. Sinai and Whitesel’s Churches and is in 1964 pastor of the Lacey Springs Charge.
[Glovier 1965, p. 290, from which the picture is taken] Apparently, he assisted his brother,
Rev. Andy, at Burlington United Methodist Home, 1972-73, as Director of Development, during
which time a new cottage was built. In addition to Andrew C., his siblings were William of New
Creek, Mrs. Twila Sions of Keyser, Mrs. Elva Rogers of Antioch, and Mrs. Althea Landis of
Antioch. In 2012 the W.Va. Conf. identifies Pastor Daniel as serving the Northeast Garrett
Charge, living in Keyser, W.Va. [Glovier 1965, pp. 86, 153, 168, 259, 290] and [WVAC 2012, p. 56]

AGNEW: Donald C. Agnew was a Ministerial Student in 1954-55, attending Shenandoah College. He was
ordained in 1968 as an elder in full connection, and in 1968-70 he was serving the Lacey Springs-Mt. Tabor
Circuit (Harrisonburg District). The 1985 UMC General Minutes show that he had been granted leave of
absence since 1984 in the W.Va. Conf. During 1990-96 (at least) he was serving Harner Chapel (Fairmont
District) in W.Va. Conf. [1990 General Minutes, p. 1014; 1995 General Minutes, p. 1030].

ALBAUGH: George W. Albaugh, became a member of Conference and was licensed to
preach in 1856, and he was ordained in 1859 (with C. B. Hammack). He “withdrew from
Conference and the Church” under charges in 1876. A George W. Albaugh married Janie Lowrie
in 1890 and they had two sons: Grover C. (b. Sept. 8, 1892) and Elmer L. (b. Apr. 1903).3

[Funkhouser 1921, p. 131; see also 126, 258-268, 270, 273-274] and [Glovier 1965, pp. 68,

ALBERT: Dr. Harold Edward Albert was born Jan. 1, 1929, in Martinsburg, W.Va., son of
Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Albert. He married the former Gladys V. Blackford of Martinsburg. They
have three children, Paul E., Paula M., and Jo Anne. He attended Shepherd College one
semester in 1953. The following year he entered Shenandoah College (Class of 1956) and
studied there for one and one-half years before transferring to Madison College where he
earned the B.S. Degree in Education in 1957. While a student at Shenandoah and Madison,
he served as student pastor at Hardy Charge, Lacey Springs, and Cedar Grove-Keezletown
Charge. Following graduation from Madison College, they moved to United Theological
Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. The B.D. degree was earned in June 1960. He served as interim pastor of the
Spinning Road Baptist Church for fifteen months in Dayton until that church found a full-time minister. Then
he served as interim pastor of the New Paris Presbyterian Church for eighteen months until his graduation
from Seminary. While living in Dayton, he entered the graduate school of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and
by attending night and summer sessions received the Master of Arts Degree in Aug. 1960. Following receipt

2 Ref. “West Virginia Annual Conference 2012 Clergy and Staff Directory,” Conference Journal 2012. WS_.Directories.pdf.

3 The Northwestern Reporter, Vol. 186, “Bruce v. Albaugh, p. 367.

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