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Volume 9 Preachers of U.B. and EUB Virginia Conferences December 26, 2013

of the last degree, he returned to the Va. Conf.; was ordained in his home church, St. Luke’s, Martinsburg;
and was assigned to the faculty of Shenandoah College in 1960. He taught in the Social Studies department
there for three years and requested assignment to Orlando Junior College, Orlando, Florida, in 1963. He is
presently [1965] teaching in the History and Government Department of Orlando Junior College and has taken
further graduate work at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida. [Glovier 1965, p. 266-267, from which the
picture is taken] Having finished a Ph.D., in 1987 Dr. Albert was listed in the Shenandoah College Alumni
Directory as Professor of Political Science at Clemson University, living in Anderson, S.C. In 2013 he is listed
as Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Clemson University []. Member of S.C. UMC
Conf. See also [Glovier 1965, pp. 92, 258, 259].

ALLENBAUGH: Samuel Allenbaugh became a member of Conference in 1828 and ordained
in 1834.4 He withdrew irregularly in 1842 and joined the Lutherans. Allenbaugh lived on the

Bowman place between Whitesel’s and Harrisonburg; he came from Pendleton and helped
Shickle and Biddle in great meeting at Frieden’s. He served Staunton, 1834-35; Woodstock,
1835-37; South Branch, 1837-38; and Pendleton, 1839-41. He withdrew in 1842. Rev.
Samuel Forrest Allenbaugh was born in Cheat River Valley, Md., Mar. 2, 1807, to Peter
Allenbaugh and Mary E. Houpt; Samuel married Ann Maria Gossard and had 12 children. He
died Mar. 25, 1885, in Cumberland, Ill., 5 and is buried in Washington Cemetery in Vevay Park,
Ill. His gravestone states that he was “A faithful member of the United Brethren Church for 55 years.”6

[Funkhouser 1921, p. 131; see also pp. 125, 244-249] and [Glovier 1965, p. 88; Lycoming 2013]

AMBROSE: William Handby Ambrose was born Nov. 30, 1770, in Maryland, “but lived on
Sleepy Creek, W.Va., from about 1789 until 1815, when he removed to Hillsboro in Highland
County, Ohio, where he died in Aug. 23, 1850. He was licensed in 1792 and ordained in 1808. In
1812 he was with Bishop Newcomer during an extended tour in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and
Kentucky. After going to Ohio in 1815, he became a member of the Scioto Conference. A revival
in his neighborhood in 1820 resulted in a strong church organization. The wife of Mr. Ambrose
was Susanna B. Crum (b. Nov. 15, 1776; d. Feb. 18, 1855), daughter of Christian Crum. His
daughter Christina married a grandson (Jacob Sonner, in Highland County, Ohio) of George Adam
Geeting. Two of his sons became members of the Illinois Conference”.7 The photo credit is for Pat
Asher, taken at the Ambrose Cemetery, which is dated 1834.8 [Funkhouser 1921, p. 155; see also

pp. 124, 155, 225, 227, 229] and [Glovier 1965, p. 87; Lycoming 2013]

ARGUBRIGHT: J. L. Argubright (Argenbright) became a member of Conference in 1903 and was licensed
in 1904. He served Blue Ridge and Basic Circuit, 1903-04; Lost River, 1904-05; and Albemarle, 1905-08. In
1908 he was referred back to his quarterly conference. [Wayland 1912, p. 121] refers to J. L. Argubright as
living in Dayton, Va. Stella Mae Argubright was a daughter, apparently born in Iowa.9 J. L. Argubright may
have been living in Sibley, Iowa, and there purchase a cow Feb. 21, 1913.10 [Funkhouser 1921, pp. 128,

299-301; see also pp. 128, 299, 300-301] and [Glovier 1965, p. 90].

ARMENTROUT: Rev. Lewis Cameron Armentrout, Jr., was born in Harrisonburg,
Va., on May 25, 1924. His father was Lewis C. Armentrout, Sr., formerly of
Keezletown, and his mother was Amanda Cline of the Mountain Valley community.
Educated in the schools of the area, most of early childhood was spent in
Harrisonburg until entering the Armed Forces in February, 1943. He was sent
overseas in Aug. of 1943 to the European Area and remained there until Nov. 1945.
On June 8, 1946, he was married to Helen R. Smith, daughter of the late Rev. William
H. Smith, of Dayton, Va. They have three children: Glenda, William C., and Elaine.
Most of his life was spent in public work, until the call of the ministry was felt. He was received in the
Harrisonburg Church, under the Pastorate of the Rev. James W. Wright, living there until 1958, when

4 Archives of the UMC Susquehanna Conference formerly the U.B./EUB Pennsylvania Conference, Lycoming University,, an on-line database [Lycoming 2013].


Allenbaugh; picture credit, “Beth and Doug.”

7 See also: Central Pennsylvania United Methodist Archives for the U.B. Pennsylvania Conference.


9 Iowa, Births and Christenings Index, 1857-1947.
10 “Crow’s Great Chief,” American Poland-China Record. American Poland-China Breed Association, Vol. 69, p. 122.

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