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Volume 9 Preachers of U.B. and EUB Virginia Conferences December 26, 2013

purchasing a home in the Timberville area. He joined Va. Conf. in 1966. He has served the Massanutten
Charge, Elkton, Va., 1962-69. UMC General Minutes list him as appointed to West Brunswick Bethel Charge in
1982 and Clover Hill Charge in 1985, but by 1990 he had retired. Mrs. (Helen) L. C. Armentrout (Shenandoah
College Class of 1944) is listed in 1987 as an alumna living in Alberta, Va. He officiated at the funeral of
Bonnie K. Propst on Oct. 12, 2012, at Clover Hill UMC and cemetery. In 2013 he was listed as a retired elder
in full connection for the Virginia Annual Conference, living in Timberville, Va. [Glovier 1965, p. 290; the
pictures were taken from pp. 86 and 153; see also pp. 86, 259] and [VAC 2013, p. 4]

ARNOLD: Jay Hartzel Arnold joined Conference and was licensed to preach in 1918; living in 1921 at
Annville, Pa. (as a student Lebanon Valley College). He graduated from Shenandoah Collegiate Institute and
School of Music in June 1917 and served Pendleton Circuit, 1917-19. He was a student at Lebanon Valley
College, 1918-22, and he married Ruth E. Warriner. He served Sinking Spring Charge, 1920-22 and was a
student at Princeton Seminary, 1922-25. He likely transferred to the East Pa. Conf., since he married Mary E.
Mathers and David J. Kistler at York, Pa., on Mar. 12, 1936. He became a Presbyterian minister, and in 1947-
49 served York Westminster Presbyterian Church. [Funkhouser 1921, p. 129, 308-312; Lycoming 2013]. See
also [Glovier 1965, p. 91].

ARVIN: Jack Lee Arvin is a probationer in Va. Conf., and his address is Rt. 2, Box 31, Martinsburg, W.Va.
He served Shenandoah Station and Shenandoah Circuit, 1960-61; and Antioch Circuit, 1963-64. He attended
Shenandoah College in 1959-60. He is not listed in any of the editions of the UMC General Minutes. He
married Wanda McKinney (1937-2012). He died Jan. 22, 1990. His memoir, as well as Wanda’s, is provided
in Section II.A (below). [Glovier 1965, pp. 259, 290]

AURANDT [AURAND]: John Dietrich Aurandt was a member of Conference in 1800. He was the son of
Johannes Aurand and Anna Christina Aurand. Born in 1760 he died in 1841. For some time he was a minister
of the Reformed Church, ordained there in 1809. Dismissed from U.B. Conference in 1907. He served
Dreisbach German Reformed Church, Union County, 1801-04; and Zion German Reformed Church,
Huntingdon County, 1804-1831. [Drury 1884, pp. 266-267] expresses the difficulty Aurandt (among others),
had with his commitment to the U.B. Church vs. the German Reformed Church:

”Mr. John Dietrich Aurandt, who received license in the same way as did Mr. Winters, and about the same time [in
1799], is likewise often referred to as indicating by his course the relations of Mr. Otterbein. What, then, was his course?
In 1800 he was present at the Conference of the United Brethren. In 1801 he sought “examination and ordination of the
Reformed Synod.” Hereupon the synod, among other directions, directed that he should abstain from “attending on the so-
called ‘big meetings” [presumably, the United Brethren conferences and, perhaps, revivals]. He seemed reluctant to make
the separation required of him, and was again present at the Conference of 1802. On the authority of his license, he
continued to preach for some time; but in 1806 he again made application to the Synod and received license for one year.
But, while the Synod was dissatisfied with him on account of his connection with the United Brethren, the conference of
United Brethren was no less dissatisfied with him because of his course before the Synod. The minutes of the Conference of
1803, which were signed by Mr. Otterbein, contain the following: “Complaints were presented against D. Aurandt. Brothers
Snyder and Neidig were appointed to investigate the matter.” The Conference of 1807 declared that “for the present” they
would “having nothing to do with Dietrich Aurandt.” It was during this same period that the Conference resolved to have
nothing to do with J. G. Pfrimmer [see below], whose relations to the German Reformed Church were similar to those of Mr.
Aurandt, though Mr. Pfrimmer “again received permission to preach” from the Conference of 1805. [Funkhouser 1921,
p. 124, 131, 225; Glovier 1965, pp. 18, 87; Lycoming 2013]

AUSTIN: Donald P. Austin served West Frederick Circuit, 1949-52; and Manassas Circuit, 1952-55. He
was a probationary elder of the Susquehanna Conf. in 1968, serving Port Trevorton Charge (Northern
District), but is not listed in the UMC General Minutes after 1968. He (apparently the same person) married
Alice Becker and was the father of Donna Owens, Betty Wingate, and Dan Austin. He died Dec. 7, 2003. His
memoir is provided in Section II.A (below). [Glovier 1965, pp. 92, 247]

BACHTEL: Jacob Bachtel, District Superintendent (Presiding Elder) for the churches in Morgan County
during 1855-59, was born at Thurmont in Pleasant Valley, Washington County, Md., July 7, 1812.11 He was
converted and joined the U.B. Church in 1832; was licensed to preach in 1833; joined Va. Conf. in 1834; and
was ordained in 1837. He served a number of charges in Va. Conf. in which he was elected Presiding Elder for
at least four terms (some for more than one year). His appointments included Frederick, 1834-35; South
Branch, 1835-37; Presiding Elder (Maryland), 1838-41; Frederick, 1842-43; Hagerstown, 1843-46;
Woodstock, 1846-49; Staunton, 1849-50; Presiding Elder (East Virginia), 1851-53; Frederick, 1853-54;
Presiding Elder (Maryland), 1859-60; West Columbia, 1857-58; and Presiding Elder (Maryland), 1859-60.
From the Va. Conf. he was elected a delegate to several General Conferences. When the Parkersburg Conf.
(later, W.Va. Conf.) was formed from the Va. Conf., he was assigned as one of the Presiding Elders to that
Parkersburg Conference in 1857. Other charter members of that conference were J. W. Miles, a native of

11 See Z. Warner, The Life and Labors of Rev. Jacob Bachtel of the Parkersburg Annual Conference, United Brethren in
Christ, 1868 [], p. 10 ff.

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