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Volume 9 Preachers of U.B. and EUB Virginia Conferences December 26, 2013

Frederick County, Md., and J. W. Perry, of Chewsville, Md. Rev. Bachtel died Oct. 23, 1866 at the age of 54
years, 3 months, and 16 days. Interment was in Otterbein Chapel Cemetery, Jackson County, W.Va.
Rev. Bachtel was a profound thinker, a wise counselor, and a good preacher. From [Funkhouser 1921, p. 72]:

In personal appearance Jacob Bachtel was of medium height, well-proportioned, and keen-eyed. His hair was bushy and
stood straight up. His fine appearance and commanding address gave him much influence in the camp-meetings and other
out-of-door gatherings. He was moral in every sense of the word and strictly conscientious. Bachtel was not a man to be
trifled with, for he felt that the life and work of a minister of the gospel is a most important and serious thing. In the pulpit
he was plain and practical. He hated every form of sham and handled it without gloves. He was particularly severe on
agnosticism, infidelity, and Romanism, and in this direction he was no mean antagonist. Although he stood unflinchingly for
what he considered to be the right, he had in his private character the tenderness of a loving Christian mother. He would
never go back on a personal friend. In the general conferences he was an influential factor, and as a presiding elder, to
which office he was repeatedly elected, he was always helpful to the preachers under his care. [Funkhouser 1921,
p. 131; see also pp. 1, 5, 70, 72, 121, 125, 245, 246-250, 251, 252-259, 266] and [Holdcraft 1938, p. 290;
Glovier 1965, pp. 88, 93, 98; Lycoming 2013]. See also [Parkersburg Conf. Journal 1891, p. 72].

BAER: David Baer (b. 1796; d. Feb. 27, 1853) became a member of Conference in 1820, when he was
licensed, and was ordained in 1822. He served as Presiding Elder, 1826-27. Member of Pa. Conf. of 1833.
He died at Potts Valley, Pa., 1853, and is interred at Spring Run, Pa. [Funkhouser 1921, p. 131; see also pp.
125, 233-238, 240-241] and [Glovier 1965, pp. 88, 304].

BAER: Jacob Baer became a member of Conference in 1820, when he was also licensed; died 1823 (?).
See [Glovier 1965, p. 88].

BAER: Jacob Baer was another member of Conference in 1834 and was ordained in 1837; came from
Maryland (?), born 1807, died 1855; buried at Churchville, Va. His widow married John Smith. This Jacob
Baer served South Branch, 1834-35; Hagerstown, 1835-36; and Staunton, 1843-44. This is probably the
same Jacob Baer mentioned in [Eberly 1911, p. 267] as having served St. Paul’s U.B. Church in Hagerstown,
1836-37. See [Funkhouser 1921, p. 125, 131, 232-233, 245-256; Glovier 1965, p. 88].

BAER: James Baer was licensed to preach in 1819. Nothing else is known. [Funkhouser 1921, p. 232]

BAER: John Baer became a member of Conference in 1814. He is mentioned as the 5th-named U.B.
preacher at the May 1815 Conference (where he was licensed) and the 19th in May 1817.12 Newcomer’s
Journal mentions having preacher “at John Baer’s in the English language” on the 16th of ____ [p. 50].
Apparently John Baer was the brother of Newcomer’s father-in-law [Newcomer’ Journal, May 1, 1812; p. 141].
He died 1831/32 [Lycoming 2013]. See [Funkhouser 1921, p. 124, 131, 230, 231, 237; Glovier 1965, p. 87].

BAER: Michael Baer became a member of Conference in 1811; he lived near Chambersburg, Pa.
[Funkhouser 1921, p. 124, 131, 228-234, 238; Lycoming 2013]. See [Glovier 1965, p. 87].

BAILEY: C. E. Bailey served (supply) Salem and Friendship, 1945-46; and Friendship, 1946-47. Not
listed in the 1968 UMC General Minutes.

BAILEY: Paul Clinton Bailey was born Aug. 15, 1935;
at Martinsburg, W.Va., the son of Clinton Stewart (b. Aug.
9, 1887; d. Mar. 2, 1962) and Norma Hovermale Bailey (b.
Mar. 30, 1902; d. Dec. 14, 2003). He had one sister,
Nancy Lee (b. Mar. 19, 1938; m. Stanley Robert Cline). He
received his education at Martinsburg High School,
Shepherd’s College, Shenandoah College (Class of 1955)
and Madison Colleges (B.A. in Education, 1957). He
graduated cum laude from Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Va. (Master of Sacred Theology, 1966).
While in the Seminary, he served as president of the student body and was the recipient of a Senior Honors
Scholarship, awarded by the American Association of Theological Schools. He traveled on the Youth Mission to
youth evangelistic work of the EUB Denomination, and served as denominational Chairman of Recreation and
Leisure Commission of the Youth Fellowship. He began serving Singers Glen Charge in 1960. On June 13,
1959, he was married to Miss Rosalie Gibbs (b. Dec. 25, 1936). They have two daughters, Mary Beth and
Cathy Lynn and two grandchildren. Paul Bailey served Singer’s Glen Circuit (Donovan Memorial and Cherry
Grove), 1961-65; Broadway Circuit (Bethany, Riverside, and Sunset Drive), 1966-72; Sunset Drive UMC,
Broadway; Jamieson Memorial UMC, Clarksville, 1972-79; Timberlake UMC, Lynchburg, 1979-84; Main Street
UMC, Waynesboro, 1984-88; and Virginia Beach UMC, 1992-2000. He also served as Superintendent of
Portsmouth District (1988-92) and Interim Superintendent of the Norfolk District (Spring 2001). During 2000-
2006, he was Director of the Ministerial Exchange Program for the World Religious Council, Lake Junaluska,
N.C.; Chaplain at Augusta Medical Center, Fishersville, Va.; and Chaplain, Lifetime Fitness Center, Fishersville,

12 Minutes of the Annual and General Conferences, 1800-1818 (Protocol of the United Brethren in Christ, Eastern
Conference), pp. 37 ff.

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