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Volume 9 Preachers of U.B. and EUB Virginia Conferences December 26, 2013

bitterness. The next year he was not assigned to any church and his name was referred to the Committee on
Conference Relations which recommended that Baldwin be granted a transfer back to the California
Conference. The Baldwins had four children, Virginia, Clark, Nyra Belle, and Janys Nadyne. Another son had
been electrocuted when a kite he was flying went down over electric power lines. See [Glovier 1965, p. 91].

BALTZELL: Isaiah Baltzell joined Va. Conf. and was licensed to preach in 1855;
and he was ordained in 1856. He was born at Thurmont, Nov. 26, 1832, near
Frederick City, Md. He was licensed to preach in 1854 by Va. Conf. and received
ordination in 1856. He served Middle Creek Circuit, 1854-55; Buckhannon, 1855-56;
Churchville, 1856-57; Winchester, 1857-58—Mount Pleasant Church was built about
1857 during his pastorate at a cost of $500; Hagerstown Mission Station, 1858-59;
and Baltimore Mission, 1859-62 He transferred to Pa. Conf. in 1862. He served
Orrstown Station, 1862-64; Shopps Station (Shiremanstown), 1864-66; New Holland
Circuit, 1866-67; and unknown for 1867-68. He transferred to Va. Conf. in 1868, but
his service 1868-69 is unknown. He then served Hagerstown Mission Station, 1869-
70. He was assigned to Hagerstown Circuit for 1870-71, but he declined the
appointment, but served Montville Circuit for the East Pa. Conf., 1870-72. He transferred to the East Pa.
Conf. in 1872. He served Montville Circuit, 1872-73; Highspire Circuit, 1873-74; Presiding Elder, 1874-80;
Harrisburg Memorial, 1880-83; Presiding Elder, Chambersburg District, 1883-84; Presiding Elder, Lancaster
District, 1884-85; Presiding Elder, Baltimore District, 1885-86; Presiding Elder, Harrisburg District, 1886-89;
Reading Otterbein, 1889-92; and Pottstown Mission, 1892-93. He died Jan. 16, 1893, in Annville, Pa., with
memorial services conducted at the next General Conference. He was buried in Reading, Pa. Isaiah Baltzell
was noted for his musical genius and a prominent hymn writer and editor of gospel song books. Two of his
hymns were “I Want to be a Worker for the Lord” and “Take My Heart, Dear Jesus, Make It All Thine Own.”
His works include: Heavenly Carols, with Edmund Lorenz (Dayton, Ohio: W. J. Shuey, 1878); Golden Songs
for Bible Schools and Social Worship (Dayton, Ohio: United Brethren Publishing House, 1874); Gates of Praise,
with Edmund Lorenz (Dayton, Ohio: W. Shuey, 1880); Garnered Sheaves of Song for the Sunday School, with
Edmund Lorenz (Dayton, Ohio: W. J. Shuey, 1888); and Songs of the Morning, with Edmund Lorenz (Dayton,
Ohio: W. J. Shuey, 1889).13 From [Gibble 1951, p. 452]:

The ministry of Isaiah Baltzell was of a varied nature. He was born in Thurmont, Frederick County, Maryland, Nov. 26,
1832. At the age of 22 he was licensed by Va. Conf., and served churches in Buchanan, Churchville, Winchester, Va.; and
Frederick and Baltimore, Md. In 1862 he transferred to Pa. Conf., by which he was appointed to Orrstown and Shopp’s.
While a member of that conference, he served New Holland circuit, 1866-67, and Mountville circuit, 1870-72, in East
Pennsylvania. In 1872 he transferred to East Pa. Conference—in which he performed the following services: first, as
pastor: at Mountville circuit, 1872-73; Highspire Circuit, 1873-74; Harrisburg First, 1880-83, Reading Otterbein, 1889-92,
Potts-town, 1892-93; and second, as presiding elder, 1874-80 and 1883-89. During the year 1878-79, he was General
Sunday School Missionary of the Conference. The Rev. Baltzell composed and published numerous Church and Sunday
School hymns. East Pa. Conference elected him as delegate to the General Conferences of 1877, 1881, and 1889. He died
while pastor of the Pottstown charge, Jan. 16, 1893. [Funkhouser 1921, p. 131, 126-127, 198, 257, 258-262, 267-
269, 277; Holdcraft 1938, p. 289; Lycoming 2013]. See [Glovier 1965, p. 89].

BAMFORD: A. Bamford joined Conference and was licensed to preach in 1913; and he was ordained in
1916. He served Charlottesville, 1913-14; Swift Run, 1914-15; New Creek, 1916-17; and Fountain, 1917-18.
[Funkhouser 1921, p. 128, 305-306; Glovier 1965, p. 91]. Not listed in in 1968 UMC General Minutes.

BARB: Ronald Barb served Cumberland Bethel, 1968-70. He not listed in in 1985 UMC General Minutes.
However, a Donald R. Barb (ordained in 1959, a UMC provisional member in 1968, was serving Alta Vista in
1969) was already retired from Kansas East Conf. in 1985 [General Minutes 1985, p. 326].

BARGER: W. D. Barger (b. 1850; d. Dec. 3, 1919) married Laura Belle Smith (d. 1947). He received his
quarterly license to preach the gospel at Mt. Hebron (South Branch Circuit, Va. Conf.), was licensed by
Parkersburg (West Virginia) Conference in 1877, and ordained in Parkersburg Conference in 1879. He served
New Germany (Md.), 1874-75; Aug. Circuit (Rockingham?), 1875-76; Buckhannon Station, 1876-77; Berlin
(Ontario, Canada), 1877-78; Philippi (W.Va.), 1878-79; Central Station (1879-80); West Milford (1880-92),
Lexington (Illinois), 1882-84; Pendleton Circuit, 1884-86; South Branch, 1886-87; North Fork, 1887-88. He
transferred to Maryland Conference in 1890 and served Chewsville (Md.), 1890-91; Williamsport (Md.), 1891-
92; and Westernport (Md.), 1892-93. He retired in 1894, a member of Hagerstown Grace U.B. Church. In
1902 he transferred to Pa. Conf., when the Maryland Conference merged with the Pa. Conf. In 1904-11 he
was designated Evangelist at Large. He reportedly served State Line U.B. Church in 1891.14 In 1882 he was

living in Wolf’s Summit, W.Va., when he and many other clergy were contributors to Wilford’s Microcosm (New
York City). He married Jacob C. Conrad and Elizabeth Reed Mar. 30, 1888; Isaac Keister and Sarah A. Roby


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