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Volume 9 Preachers of U.B. and EUB Virginia Conferences December 26, 2013


The purpose of this history is to provide indexed and searchable resources for those interested in
conducting research into the history of United Brethren (UB) and Evangelical United Brethren (EUB)
preachers and churches from Va. Conf., since the Conference’s inception as part of the United Brethren
in Christ (UBIC). Most of the information found in this document is derived from Va. Conf. Minutes,
1876-1968, and other sources found in The Gruver-Souders U.B./EUB Archives of Shenandoah
University. Other information and photographs have been collected by the Archives Working Group,
comprising Presley R. “Pete” Phillips, head; Caroline Bateman Phillips; Jacob Paul “Jake” Gruver, Jr.,
and the editor, Robert P. “Bob” McDonald-Walker.

This document extends the work of two major histories of the U.B./EUB Va. Conf., one written
in 1921 by Abraham Paul Funkhouser [Funkhouser 1921] and the other by David Franklin Glovier
written in 1965. All the preachers mentioned in these two histories, together with numerous others
found in the Gruver-Souders U.B./EUB Archives, are included in this document—some 820 names.
Alphabetized biographical sketches (with pictures) are provided in the first part of this document,
memoirs in the middle part, and preaching appointments through 1968 in the final part. This document
complements and fills in the enormous gaps of Memoirs—200 Years, provided by the Va. UMC Conf. in
1987 [Keene 1987], which ignored preachers who had not served in a “Methodist” church.

Unfortunately, there are no “complete” lists of the preaching appointments (some of which
never, apparently, were organized as churches) in Va. Conf. until 1899 (“complete” is within quotes
because there is good reason to think many appointments not organized as churches fail to be mentioned
even in 1899). Since preaches were appointed to or stationed at specific charges each year, a good deal
of research is required to associate specific church with its charge so as to know which preacher was
assigned for a particular year in the 19th century. After 1921, the Minutes list each organized church for
each charge in the page(s) allocated to conference statistics.

This document is one of nine volumes that constitute A History of Va. Conf. of United Brethren
and Evangelical United Brethren, 1800-1969. Drafts of these volumes were distributed in electronic
form to more than 150 persons, societies, and institutions in the fall and winter of 2012 for comment and
early use. Additional information provided by recipients are included in the following:

 Vol. 1, History of the U.B./EUB Churches in the Harrisonburg-Staunton Region of Virginia

 Vol. 2, History of the U.B./EUB Churches in the Winchester Region of Virginia

 Vol. 3, History of the U.B./EUB Churches in Morgan and Berkeley Counties of West Virginia

 Vol. 4, History of the U.B./EUB Churches in the South Branch Region of West Virginia

 Vol. 5, History of the U.B./EUB Churches in Maryland, Especially Western Maryland

 Vol. 6, Relation of the U.B./EUB Va. Conf. to Shenandoah University, 1875-1969

 Vol. 7, History of the U.B. Va. Conf. of United Brethren, 1800-1946 (comprising extracts of the
Virginia U.B. Annual Conference Minutes relating to churches and preachers)

 Vol. 8, History of the EUB Va. Conf., 1947-1969 (comprising extracts of the Va. EUB Annual
Conference Minutes relating to churches and preachers)

 Vol. 9, Preachers of the U.B./EUB Va. Confs.: Biographical Sketches and Memoirs, 1800-1969
(A complete list of references is found at the end of Volume 9).

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