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Volume 7 History of Virginia Conferences of United Brethren December 26, 2013

Resolved that each preacher who could not attend the Annual Conference should give due notice of that fact.
Otterbein preached on the third and last day from Jude 20-25, on the responsibilities of the ministerial office.

Conference at the house of John Cronise, near Kemp’s, October 6. Bishops: W. Otterbein, M. Boehm.

New members: William Ambrose of Sleepy Creek, Va.
Ludwig Duckwald and John Neidig authorized to “administer all the ordinances of the house of God, according to the

By a vote of nine to three decided not to keep a register of the members of the church.
“Resolved, that in case one of our superintendents, W. Otterbein or M. Boehm, should die, another minister shall be
elected to fill the place. This is the will of those two brethren, and the unanimous wish of all the preachers present.”

Otterbein preached the conference sermon the second day.

Adjournment third day.

During May, June, August, September, October, 19 great meetings.
Note:—Soon after Conference a quarterly meeting on the old Huffman place below Pleasant Valley. Guething and
Newcomer went home with the Moyers, who lived in a log house (where now is a brick house) near the Mennonite church on
the Valley Pike. They then went 10 miles further to A. M. Hivener’s.

Conference at David Snyder’s, Cumberland Co., Pa., October 5, for a three-day session.

Present: William Otterbein, Martin Boehm, Christian Newcomer, David Snyder, John Hershey, Peter Kemp, Abraham
Meyer, Christopher Grosh, Christian Crum, Valentine Flugel, John Winter, Frederick Schaeffer, George Benedum—13.

Boehm and Grosh a committee to station the preachers of Pennsylvania. Maryland left to the preachers of that state.
Benedum and Crum to call a meeting of the Virginia preachers and arrange their fields of labor.


Conference again at Snyder’s, October 3.

Because of an epidemic in the country around, only 5 members were present: Martin Boehm, Abraham Meyer, Frederick
Schaeffer, Christian Newcomer, Matthias Bortsfield.

Died: Dr. Peter Senseny, of Winchester.
Note:—In the preceding May, Otterbein preached twice at a sacramental meeting in the Guething meeting house.

Conference at the house of Jacob Baulus, near Middletown, Md., May 29.

Present: 21 preachers.
Otterbein and Boehm re-elected bishops.

Newcomer to travel through the German settlements in Maryland and Pennsylvania, and Christian Crum in those of

Conference at Lorenz Eberhart’s, Frederick Co., Md., May 21, lasting 3 days as usual.

Itinerants: Joseph Hoffman, Christian Crum.

Great meetings arranged for.

Present: John Neidig, Peter Kemp, John Hershey, Henry Crum, Lorenz Eberhart, Christian Crum, Christian Newcomer,
George A. Guething, Joseph Hoffman, Michael Thomas, Jacob Baulus.

Conference at Christian Herr’s, Lancaster Co., Pa. Martin Boehm presided.

Present: Martin Boehm, Isaac Niswander, John Neidig, Joseph Hoffman, Christian Hershey, Christian Newcomer,
Abraham Meyer, Frederick Schaeffer, George A. Guething, Abraham Hershey, David Snyder, Christian Crum, Christian Smith,
David Long—14.

Died: Jacob Geisinger.

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