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Volume 7 History of Virginia Conferences of United Brethren December 26, 2013


Conference at Abraham Niswander’s in Virginia, May 28.

Present: Christian Newcomer, Isaac Niswander, Ludwig Duckwald, Abraham Meyer, George A. Guething, Joseph
Hoffman, Peter Kemp, Christian Crum, Jacob Baulus, George Hoffman, David Snyder, William Ambrose, Frederick Duckwald,
John Hershey—14.

Hitherto, the Annual Conference had granted license to exhort. The following rule adopted, the great distances to be
traveled on horseback often preventing the attendance of members: “Those who desire to receive license to preach among us
shall be examined at a great meeting; and, if favorably reported, two of the elders shall grant them license for one year, at the
end of which time, their license may be renewed at a great meeting.”

Conference again at Christian Herr’s, May 10. Bishop Boehm presided.

Present: Martin Boehm, Adam Riegel, Christian Smith, Joseph Hoffman, Isaac Niswander, George A. Guething, Christian
Hershey, Christian Newcomer, John Hershey, Abraham Hershey, David Long, David Snyder, Abraham Meyer, Frederick
Schaeffer, Matthias Bortsfield, George Benedum, Christopher Grosh, John Snyder—18.

The subject of union or fellowship with the Methodists received a great deal of attention.

Note:—Enoch George (Methodist) and Newcomer and Guething (U.B.) met at Guething’s home, February 13, 1809.
Newcomer attended the Baltimore Conference of the Methodists at Harrisonburg, Va., to promote a fraternal union. A
committee was appointed to meet him, and the correspondence thus begun continued several years.


Conference again at John Cronise’s, June 3.

Present: 16 ministers.

Salary of an unmarried preacher fixed at $80.

The elder preachers required to visit all the appointments, in all the fields of labor, twice during the year, if at all possible.

A letter from the Methodist Conference on the subject of a close union between the two churches was answered in a
fraternal spirit. The church at Baltimore sent a letter to the Conference on the same subject.

Note:—The first United Brethren conference west of the Alleghenies was the first session of the Miami, held near
Germantown, O., August 18, Bishop Newcomer presiding.


Conference in Cumberland Co., Pa. May 23.

President: Christopher Grosh, Christian Smith, George A. Guething, Christian Newcomer, Abraham Draksel, Christian
Crum, Jacob Baulus, David Snyder, Matthias Kessler, Joseph Hoffman, Isaac Niswander, Jacob Winter, David Long,
Frederick Schaeffer, Christian Hershey, Joseph Jordan, Henry Hiestand, Michael Baer, George Hoffman, Peter Swartz—20.

Died: Martin Boehm, aged 86; Peter Kemp February 26, while his family and friends were in morning prayers at his
bedside; John Hershey.

Licensed to preach: Jacob Winter, Peter Swartz.

Licensed to exhort: Joseph Jordan, Michael Hershey.


Conference at Guething meeting house, Md., May 13.

Present: Christian Newcomer, Abraham Draksel, Isaac Niswander, Valentine Baulus, Lorenz Eberhart, Christian Berger,
George Guething, Jacob Dehof, Christian Crum, Joseph Hoffman, Abraham Meyer, Jacob Baulus, Michael Thomas, Henry
Hiestand, Martin Crider, George A. Guething, Christian Smith, David Snyder, Abraham Hershey, Jacob Weidner, Henry G.
Spayth, John Crider—22.

Salary for a married preacher fixed at $160.

Itinerants: H. Hiestand, H. G. Spayth.

Much consideration given to the fraternal correspondence with the Methodists. Delegates present from the Baltimore and
Philadelphia conferences of the Methodists. Unanimously resolved that friendship and love shall be maintained between the
two churches. Fraternal delegates appointed.

Church work placed under the care of superintendents or elders, who were assigned districts and authorized to hold small
conferences on the circuits, whenever necessary.

July 30 and October 29 appointed days of fasting, prayer, and thanksgiving, to be observed throughout the Denomination.

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