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Volume 7 History of Virginia Conferences of United Brethren December 26, 2013

Conference at the house of David Long, Cumberland Co., Pa., May 7. C. Newcomer, bishop; J. Baulus, secretary.

Licensed to preach: Jacob Flickinger, Samuel Huber, William Brown.

Ordained: Henry Kumler, George Geeting, George Hoffman, Peter Swartz.

Presiding elders (for 2 years): A. Meyer, J. Hoffman, J. Baulus.
Camp meeting ordered at Middlekoff’s, four miles from Hagerstown, Md., August 8.

Present: Christian Newcomer, John Neidig, David Snyder, George Geeting, Abraham Hershey, Peter Swartz, Abraham
Meyer, Christian Smith, Henry Kumler, Jacob Dehof, Herman Ow, Jacob Baulus, John Snyder, Joseph Hoffman, Michael
Baer, David Long, George Hoffman—17.

Conference at Guething’s meeting house, Md., May 15. C. Newcomer, bishop; J. Baulus and John Hildt, secretaries.

Present: Christian Newcomer, Christian Hershey, John Snyder, John Crider, Michael Thomas, Jacob Winter, John Baer,
Christian Berger, William Brown, Abraham Meyer, Jacob Baulus, Valentine Baulus, Jacob Dehof, George Geeting, Conrad
Roth, Henry Kumler, John Hildt, David Fleck, John Neidig, Joseph Hoffman, Henry G. Spayth, Samuel Huber, Isaac
Niswander, Jacob Wenger, Jacob Flickinger, George Brown—26.

Licensed to preach: J. Hildt, Jacob Brazer, William Brown, D. Flick.

Ordained: J. Crider, V. Baulus.
Camp meeting fixed for August 14 at Middlekoff’s, Md.

Presiding elders: J. Snyder, H. Kumler.

Presiding elders directed to keep an account of the moneys collected by the traveling preachers, and what was paid out to
them in settlement, report to Conference, and see that the settlement is recorded in the Minutes.

Conference at the house of Christian Hershey, Lancaster, Co. Pa., May 5. C. Newcomer, bishop.

Present: Christian Newcomer, Joseph Hoffman, (Valentine Baulus, Samuel Huber, Jacob Lehman, Joseph Jordan, John
Snyder. David Fleck, J. Zentmeyer, A. Zeller, Abraham Meyer, William Brown, Michael Baer, Christian Hershey, John
Geisinger, George Brown, George Kolb, Daniel Pfeifer, Christopher Grosh, Henry Kumler, Jacob Wenger, Henry G. Spayth,
Daniel Gingerich, Abraham Hershey, Conrad Roth, Christian Smith—26.

Licensed to exhort: Abraham Horner, John Russell, Conrad Weist.

Licensed to preach: Daniel Pfeifer.
Camp meeting fixed for Middlekoff’s for August.

Letter from Baltimore stirred up interest in raising funds for frontier preachers.

Conference at Valentine Doub’s, Frederick Co., Md., May 4.

Present: Christian Newcomer, Andrew Zeller, Adam Lehman, Isaac Niswander, John Crider, James Wenger, George
Guething, Samuel Huber, David Heck, William Brown, John Russell, Abraham Meyer, Michael Baer, John Hildt, John Neidig,
Michael Thomas, Daniel Pfeifer, John Snyder, John Brown, Conrad Weist, John Felterhof, Jacob Baer, John Brown, John
Clopper, John Hoffer—25.

Received: John Brown, Conrad Weist.

Licensed to exhort: John Felterhof, James Baer, John Brown, John Clopper, John Hoffer.

Letter from W. Line, Register of Cumberland Co., Pa., announcing that David Snyder had bequeathed to the Conference
one thousand dollars, payable one year after the death of his wife. Letter entered on the Minutes.

Abraham Meyer paid in $50 to be distributed among the poor itinerant members in Ohio, according to the wishes of the
donor, Elizabeth Snyder, and the money given into the care of Bro. Zeller.

After paying all expenses, the sum of $66.24 in the Conference treasury was ordered to be distributed among the
itinerants in Ohio.

Ordained: William Brown, David Heck, Samuel Huber, James Wenger.

Died: David Snyder, aged 57; Valentine Baulus, aged 56. Camp meetings ordered at Pleasant Valley, Washington Co.,
Md., August 5; Rocky Springs, Pa., August 26; Rockingham Co., Va., September 9.

Presiding elders: Samuel Huber, Hagerstown Dist.; Abraham Meyer, Juniata; Jacob Baulus, Virginia; John Neidig,

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