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Volume 7 History of Virginia Conferences of United Brethren December 26, 2013

Appointments: John Snyder, Baltimore; Daniel Pfeifer, Hagerstown; David Heck, Juniata; William Brown and Conrad
Weist, Virginia; Ohio, John Russell, John Felterhof.


Conference at the house of Conrad Nicodemus, Washington, Co., Md., May 2.

Present: Christian Newcomer, Abraham Meyer, Isaac Niswander, John Crider, Michael Thomas, Samuel Huber, David
Heck, William Brown, John Brown, Conrad Weist, James Baulus, John Hildt, John Snyder, John Brown, George Brown, Jacob
Weidner, Jacob Dunahoo, George Guething, Daniel Pfeifer, Jacob Adam Lehman, Jacob Baer, David Baer, Henry Werbe (?),
John Hoffard, Christian Hershey, John Hoffer, Jacob Dehof—27.

Abraham Meyer, chairman; John Hildt, secretary.

Licensed: John Brown, David Baer, Jacob Dunahoo, Jacob Baer, for 6 months.

Received from Elizabeth Snyder for the traveling preachers, $25.

Ordained: John Hildt, George Brown, David Pfeifer, Henry Werbe.

Camp meeting dates: Rockingham Co., Va., August 3; Pleasant Valley, Md., August 17; Rock Springs, Pa., August 24.

Licensed to exhort: Christian Traub.

Presiding elders: George Guething, Va.; Samuel Huber, Hagerstown; Abraham Meyer, Juniata; John Neidig, Lancaster.

Appointments: John Snyder, Baltimore; William Brown and Conrad Weist, Hagerstown; John Brown, Juniata; Daniel
Pfeifer and Jacob Dunahoo, Virginia.

“God be praised for the blessings we received on this occasion. May He grant his blessings on our proceedings.”


Conference at Hagerstown, Md., April 10.

Present: Christian Newcomer, Jacob Baulus, Abraham Meyer, John Crider, Samuel Huber, John Snyder, Henry Werbe,
William Brown, Joseph Hoffman, John Brown (Pa.), John Brown (Va.), Conrad Weist, Daniel Pfeifer, Peter Schwartz, Jacob
Dehof, George Guething, Michael Baer, John Russell, Jacob Flickinger, Jacob Dunahoo, Christian Burkhardt, John Hoffard,
Samuel Brant—23.

C. Newcomer, bishop; A. Meyer, chairman; J. Hildt, secretary.

Presiding elders appointed a committee to select the traveling preachers.

Licensed: John Hoffer, John Hoffard. Christian Traub and Henry Burtner licensed for 2 years on trial.

Ordained: John Brown (Va.), John Brown (Pa.).

Died: Christian Crum, Isaac Niswander, Frederick Herr.

Received during the year for the support of the itinerancy, $439.67. Each preacher received $73.21.

Itinerants for the year: John Snyder, William Brown, Conrad Weist, Daniel Pfeifer, Christian Traub, John Brown (Va.),
Jacob Dunahoo, John Brown (Pa.), Henry Burtner.

Baulus, Snyder, Hoffman, Meyer, Guething, Traub, Hershey, a committee to devise a plan to secure funds to support the
itinerant ministers, reported as follows: “Resolved by the ministers of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ in
Conference assembled, that there is a great necessity of forming a society and create a fund from which the poor traveling and
worn-out and superannuated members shall be supported.” Resolved, that for every circuit agents be appointed there to invite
persons to join this society and to get subscriptions. “Resolved, that this Annual Conference appoint a committee to draw up a
constitution for this benevolent society and lay it before the next Annual Conference. Resolved, that in order to help those that
are in need now, a subscription (be taken) and have it circulated in the conferences. Resolved, that copies of these resolutions
be sent to the general and the annual conferences of Pennsylvania and Ohio.”

Resolution unanimously adopted. Hildt and Baulus appointed a committee to prepare a constitution and submit it to the
next session of Conference. The presiding elders to act as agents.

Also agreed to ask from next General Conference to change the second article in our Discipline as far as it relates to
members of general conferences.

Camp meetings: Maryland, August 2; Virginia, August 16; Pennsylvania, August 30.


Conference at the house of Mr. Kauge, Cumberland Co., Pa., April 9. C. Newcomer and J. Hoffman, bishops; J. Hildt,

Present: Abraham Meyer, John Neidig, Abraham Hershey, Michael Baer, John Brown (Va.), Jacob Wenger, Daniel
Pfeifer, Henry Spayth, Samuel Huber, William Brown, Jacob Dunahoo, Conrad Weist, Christian Smith, John Hildt, Valentine
Hershey, George Guething, Henry Werbe, David Baer, Christian Traub, John Hoffard, Henry Burtner, Herman Ow, John
Brown (Pa.), George Benedum, Jacob Brazer, John Snyder, Thomas Kartin(?)—27.

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