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Volume 7 History of Virginia Conferences of United Brethren December 26, 2013

Itinerants: William Brown, Conrad Weist, Daniel Pfeifer, John Brown (Pa.), John Snyder, John Brown (Va.), Christian
Traub, Henry Burtner, Samuel Huber.

Committee on itinerants reported they had secured during the year for the support of ministers, $620.50, which, divided,
gave to every married preacher, $124.10; to every single preacher, $62.05.

A letter prepared in reply to one received from the preacher and delegates of the Methodist society in New York was
ordered sent.

The plan reported by the committee on constitution for benevolent society was adopted and the following trustees
appointed: John Brazer, Chambersburg; Valentine Doub, Frederick Co.; Andreas Newcomer, Washington Co.; John Cronise,
Frederick Co.; Samuel Huber, Rocky Springs; Jacob Wenger, Franklin Co.; George Martin, Hagerstown.

Presiding elders reported $400 subscribed to the benevolent society, and were authorized to continue their efforts.

Licensed to preach: Thomas Huston, John Reder.

Licensed to exhort: James Ewig, Lorenz Estalin.

Ordained: Conrad Weist, David Baer, Valentine Hiskey.

Trustees of benevolent society authorized to have society incorporated and constitution printed.

Conference at the residence of John Cronise, Frederick Co., Md., May 6. C. Newcomer, bishop; G. Guething, chairman;
J. Hildt, secretary.

Present: Abraham Hershey, Abraham Meyer, Samuel Huber, Abraham Huber, William Brown, John Brown (Pa.), John
Brown (Va.), Conrad Weist, Jacob Dunahoo, Daniel Pfeifer, Christian Traub, Henry Burtner, John Hildt, John Crider, Jacob
Wenger, George Guething, John Hoffard, Jacob Dehof—18.

Licensed: Gideon Smith, Jacob Erb, John Hoffard, Abraham Huber.

Ordained: Christian Traub, Henry Burtner, Philip Ziegler.

Died: Henry Werbe, James Brazer.

Presiding elders: John Snyder, William Brown, Abraham Hershey, Abraham Meyer, John Hildt, George Guething, John

Itinerants for the coming year: William Brown, Conrad Weist, John Brown, Henry Burtner, Christian Traub, Daniel Pfeifer,
Jacob Erb, Gideon Smith.

Received for support of traveling preachers, $727. Paid to William Brown and John Brown, each, $128.54; to Jacob
Dunahoo, Conrad Weist, Christian Traub, John Brown, Daniel Pfeifer, each, $64.27; to Samuel Huber, $17.02.

Treasurer of benevolent society reported $11.50 in hand, after paying all expenses, amounting to $9.50. Voted that the
$11.50 be sent by C. Newcomer to the brethren of Ohio Conference.

Conference at Shauman’s church, Pleasant Valley, Md., May 4. C. Newcomer and J. Hoffman, bishops; John Hildt and
John G. Pfrimmer, secretaries.

Present: Abraham Meyer, George Guething, Samuel Huber, John Crider, Jacob Dehof, William Brown, Daniel Pfeifer,
Conrad Weist, Henry Burtner, John Hildt, John Hoffard, David Heck, John Brown, David Baer, John Clopper, John G.
Pfrimmer, Jacob Wenger, Gideon Smith, Jacob Erb, William Abels, John Eckart, Michael Thomas, Lorenz Estalin—23.

Licensed to preach: Lorenz Estalin, James Ewig.

Licensed to exhort: John Fry, James Debold, John Brubaker (renewal).

Ordained: William Abels.

Died: Abraham Lehman, aged 90.

Itinerants for coming year: William Brown, John Brown, Conrad Weist, Henry Burtner, Daniel Pfeifer, William Abels,
Gideon Snell, Jacob Doub.

Money collected for traveling preachers, $618. Paid to William Brown, $119; to John Brown, $142.70; to Henry Burtner,
Gideon Smith, and Conrad Weist, each, $71.37; to Daniel Pfeifer, $59.50; to Jacob Erb, $47.58; to Christian Traub, $35.71.

Trustees of benevolent society report in hand, $28.61. Voted that the part belonging to this Conference $9.50 be given to
Christian Traub, who has been very sick a long term and in great need for help.

Resolved that the election of delegates to the next General Conference be held on or before January 1, 1825, and that to
every one elected the earliest personal notice be given.

Resolved that Thursday, July 30, be set apart as a day of fasting and prayer.

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