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Volume 7 History of Virginia Conferences of United Brethren December 26, 2013

Conference at Petersburg, Adams Co., Pa., May 10.

Present: Christian Newcomer, John Hildt, Abraham Meyer, Abraham Hershey, George Guething, John Brown, Conrad
Weist, Gideon Smith, Jacob Erb, Henry Burtner, Jacob Doub, John Hafford, William Brown, John Crider, David Heck, Samuel
Huber, Abraham Huber, David Baer, John Snyder, John Neidig, Christian Smith, Daniel Pfeifer, Valentine Hickey, John Fry,
Lorenz Estalin, Jacob Wenger, John Clopper, Christian Traub, William Abels—29.

Committee on complaints, should any be made: C. Neidig, Meyer, John Brown, William Brown, Jacob Doub.

After all the members present were examined, Conference inquired into the character of the following absent brethren:
W. Rhinehart, Christian Shopp, John Sewell (?), John Zahn, John Crack, Jacob Debolt, John Hendricks, James Snyder,
Abraham Hershey.

Committee on complaints reported on Samuel Huber, Jacob Wenger, and Christian Traub, and the report adopted.

The cases of those brethren who are on trial were taken up and a continuance on trial decided upon.

Itinerants for coming year: William Brown, John Brown, Conrad Weist, Jacob Erb, Jacob Doub, Gideon Smith.
Resolved in future to omit “Reverend” in our addresses to brethren.

Licensed to preach: William Rhinehart, John Zahn, John Hendricks, Christian Shopp, John Crack, James Snyder,
Abraham Hershey, John Fry.

Licensed to exhort: John Smith, Thomas Oberholtz.

The secretaries shall give notice to Bro. Geisinger that they can do nothing for him.

Report on the conduct of John Snyder unanimously adopted.

Received on support of traveling preachers during the year, $741.40.

1825 (Second Session)
Conference at Chambersburg, Pa., November 17. C. Newcomer and Henry Kumler, bishops; William Brown and Gideon
Smith, secretaries.

Present: John Hildt (P.E.), Abraham Meyer (P.E.), William Brown (P.E.), George Guething (P.E.), Samuel Huber,
Valentine Hiskey, Jacob Erb, Daniel Pfeifer, Gideon Smith, John Hendricks, John Brown, Jacob Doub, Henry Burtner, Conrad
Weist, Daniel Heck, John Rider, John Baer, Abraham Huber, John Wenger, Jacob Wenger, Jacob Debold, Jonah Whitcom,
Jonah Houk, Jonah Hafford, Simon Drislock, Christian Shopp, Henry Kumbalin, Lorenz Estalin, John Fry, John Geisinger,
David Baer—31.

Members of other conferences or synods shall have a seat in this Conference but no vote.

No complaints preferred. Continued on trial: John Hafford, Abraham Huber, Jonah Houk.

Ordained: John Rider, Gideon Smith, Jacob Erb.

Itinerants for coming year: William Brown, John Brown, Gideon Smith, Daniel Pfeifer, Conrad Weist, Simon Drislock,
John Hendricks, Jacob Debold.

It shall be the duty of all the preachers to appoint class meetings at all regular appointments and to urge attendance upon

Licensed to preach: Daniel Godnatt, Thomas Miller, Henry Kimmerling, Jonah Houk, Peter Habecker, Ezekiel Boring.

Licensed to exhort: Michael Carver, James Newman, James Sutton.

Resolved that December 23 next be set apart as a day of prayer.

Conference at the residence of Bro. Shopp, Cumberland Co., Pa., April 3. C. Newcomer and H. Kumler, bishops; Henry
Spayth, secretary.

Present: Abraham Meyer, John Crider, George Guething, William Brown, John Brown, Christian Smith, Samuel Huber,
Jonah Whitcom, David Baer, John Hildt, Henry Spayth, Conrad Weist, Abraham Hershey, Jacob Debold, John Geisinger, John
Zahn, Valentine Hiskey, Jacob Erb, John Hendricks, John Crack, Christian Shopp, Christian Hershey, Peter Schwartz, Simon
Drislock, James Snyder, Gideon Smith, Daniel Pfeifer, Christian Ludwig, Thomas Miller, Ezekiel Boring, Joseph Marsh
(exhorter), John Neidig, Michael Carver (exhorter), James Newman (exhorter), Daniel Godnatt, Jonah Houk, Abraham
Hershey, Christian Traub, James Rupp, John Hoffman—42.

Itinerants for coming year: William Brown, John Brown, Gideon Smith, Conrad Weist, Jacob Debold, John Hendricks,
Simon Drislock, Jacob Erb, Thomas Miller.

Presiding elders: John Neidig, Samuel Huber, David Baer.

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