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Volume 7 History of Virginia Conferences of United Brethren December 26, 2013

It shall be the duty of every member of this Conference to be present during the annual session, and if necessarily
detained, it shall be his duty to state to Conference in a letter the reasons for his absence.

A roll of all the members of this Conference shall be kept, their names called at every session, and their characters
inquired into.

Received last year for support of the preachers, $771.24. Salary of married preachers, $160; single preachers, $80.

Resolved that John Hildt in the name of this Conference shall give authority to Christian Newcomer, our senior bishop,
and sign the same in our behalf, by which Bro. Newcomer can ask from the executors of the last will and testament of our
deceased sister, Elizabeth Snyder, the sum of $1,000 given by her to the conferences of the United States in Christ and give a
receipt for it.

Licensed: John Hoffman.

Voted that Christian Traub be received again among us.

August 4 next shall be a day of thanksgiving and prayer in all the appointments of this Conference.

Conference at the house of Bro. Kunge, Springfield, Cumberland Co., Pa., April 3. C. Newcomer and H. Kumler, bishops;
Jacob Erb, secretary.

Present: John Hildt, Christian Hershey, John Crider, Jacob Lehman, Samuel Huber, David Baer, Simon Drislock, Thomas
Miller, Valentine Hiskey, Jacob Erb, John Brown, Henry Burtner, David Heck, John Crack, Lorenz Estalin, John Fry, James
Sutton, William Brown, John Hendricks, John Neidig, Daniel Pfeifer, Conrad Weist, Christian Shopp, Jacob Debold, John
Snyder, Peter Schwartz, James Newcomer, Jacob Wenger, George Guething, James Snyder, Jonah Houk, Michael Baer—34.

Continued on trial: Christian Shopp, James Snyder, Jacob Debold, Jonah Houk, John Fry.

Ordained: John Hendricks, Simon Drislock, Lorenz Estalin, Abraham Hershey, John Zahn, John Crack.

Died: Abraham Meyer, October 28, 1826, aged 69.

Itinerants for the coming year: John Snyder, George Guething, William Brown, Thomas Miller, John Hendricks, John
Zahn, John Crack, David Heck, Conrad Weist, Jacob Erb, James Talton, Christian Traub, Gideon Smith.

Presiding elders: John Snyder, George Guething.

Paid in for support of itinerants, $863.16. Married preachers received $160 each; unmarried ones, $80.

William Brown paid over to the Conference $300, a part of $1,000 bequeathed by Bro. David Snyder to the conferences of
the United Brethren in Christ.

Treasurer of benevolent society reported $49.60 in his hands. Voted that John Hildt be given $12.40 of this sum to pay off
a debt made by one of our poor traveling preachers, and for which three of our brethren have gone security.

A collection taken for the support of the preachers in the Western states.

Licensed to preach: John Eckstein, John Hugel, George Hiskey.

Licensed to exhort: John Gilbert, Peter Reick, John Pfeifer.

Appointments: David Heck, Juniata; Gideon Smith, Lancaster; John Crack, York; John Zahn and John Eckstein,
Hagerstown; John Hendricks and Thomas Miller, Virginia circuit; Christian Traub, Huntingdon; Jacob Erb, New York mission;
William Brown, Baltimore.

Resolved, that we, the members of this Annual Conference, do not approve that any of our preachers or members belong
to the order of Freemasonry and that in future every preacher and every member who is connected with this order or shall join
it shall lose his membership in our church.

Conference at the union church belonging to the Brethren and Reformed congregations in Middletown valley, Washington
Co., Md., April 1. C. Newcomer, H. Kumler, bishops; J. Erb, secretary.

Present: Jacob Erb, Henry Burtner, William Brown, John Hendricks, John Hildt, John Snyder, Samuel Huber, David Heck,
Daniel Pfeifer, John Crack, Simon Drislock, John Zahn, John Neidig, John Hafford, Thomas Miller, William Rhinehart, James
Sutton, James Winters, James Newman, John Eckstein, Frederick Gilbert, Jacob Debold, Ezekiel Boring, James Snyder,
George Pallas (?), Abraham Huber, John Clopper—30.

Licensed to preach: Moses Lawson, William Schott, Henry Huber, George Gilbert, Frederick Gilbert, Joseph Berger,
Richard Laken, William Kinnear, John Dehof, James Fulton, John Smith.

Licensed to exhort: Peter Whitesel, Charles Boehm, George Gilerich (?), James Ewig, Samuel Allenbaugh.

Remained on trial: John Hafford, John Clopper, Abraham Huber.

Ordained: Thomas Miler, William Rhinehart, George Patterson, Ezekiel Boring, James Snyder.

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