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Volume 7 History of Virginia Conferences of United Brethren December 26, 2013

Died: Christian Ludwig, Philip Ziegler.

Conference was divided into the following districts: Virginia, Hagerstown, Carlisle, Huntingdon, Lancaster. From each
district two elders shall be elected delegates to the General Conference.

Collected for support of traveling preachers, $877.86, which, divided, gives to each married man $138.63, and to each
single one, $69.34.

Appointments: Presiding elders: John Snyder, William Brown. Lancaster circuit: Ezekiel Boring, Frederick Gilbert.
Baltimore: John Neidig. Carlisle: William Schott. ----------------: John Crack. Huntingdon: John Hendricks. Hagerstown:
John Zahn. Virginia: Thomas Miller, John Eckstein. Susquehanna: Jacob Erb. Lebanon: Simon Drislock.


Conference at Guething meeting house, Antietam Cr., Washington Co., Md., April 7.

C. Newcomer, H. Kumler, bishops; William Brown, Jacob Erb, secretaries.

Present: John Snyder, George Guething, David Baer, John Neidig, Samuel Huber, Jacob Erb, William Rhinehart, Ezekiel
Boring, John Crack, James Snyder, Henry Burtner, John Hendricks, Thomas Miller, John Rider, Jacob Dehof, John Zahn,
Jacob Wenger, Frederick Gilbert, John Fry, Christian Shopp, David Baer, John Clopper, John Hoffman, John Eckstein, James
Newman, William Schott, James Ewig—27.

Richard Schekels expelled for bad conduct.

Licensed to preach: John Dorcas, Peter Herman, Daniel Senseny, Christian Crowling, James Ewig, James Newman,
Henry Higgens, Noah Woodyard, William Knott, David Winters.

Licensed to exhort: Jacob Haas, Jacob Perry, Martin Haman, George Guething, John Dumer, Jacob Gerg (?).

Ordained: Christian Shopp, John Clopper, John Hafford, John Eckstein, John Fry, John Hoffman, William Schott.

Itinerants for coming year: John Snyder, William Rhinehart, William Brown, John Neidig, Ezekiel Boring, John Hendricks,
Frederick Gilbert, Thomas Miller, John Crack, John Dorcas, William Schott, John Eckstein, James Snyder, Noah Woodford,
Daniel Senseny, William Knott, James Ewig, John Zahn.

John Snyder, Christian Shopp, William Brown a committee to examine the accounts of S. Drislock respecting certain
collections made by him and to see that the money is expended according to description.

Samuel Huber and David Baer a committee to meet David Long and others and exhort them to do better or suffer the

Next Conference to be held at the meeting house near Shopp’s Cumberland Co., Pa., beginning third Monday in March,
and that a great meeting be held at the same place the Saturday and Sunday previous.

Almost no charge brought against anyone. Much testimony given of the work of grace in the hearts of the members. The
experience of Jacob Haas surpassed anything ever brought before this Conference.

Conference convened at Shopp’s meeting house, Cumberland Co., Pa., March 22.

Henry Kumler, bishop; George Guething, chairman; John Eckstein, German secretary; William Rhinehart, English

Present: John Snyder, George Guething, David Baer, William Rhinehart, William Brown, Peter Schwartz, John Hoffman,
Valentine Hiskey, Ezekiel Boring, John Crack, James Snyder, Daniel Pfeifer, John Hendricks, Thomas Miller, James Newman,
John Zahn, Jacob Erb, Christian Shopp, Simon Drislock, John Eckstein, George Hiskey, John Dumer, William Schott, John
Fry, James Ewig, David Winters, William Knott, John Dorcas, Charles Boehm, Moses Lawson, John Dehof, John Smith,
George Liberick (?), Christian Smith, John Hugel, William Kinnear, David Long, Peter Wetzel, George Hoffman, John Hafford,
John Clopper, Abraham Hershey, James Rupp, John Haney, Peter Harman, Frederick Gilbert, Henry Welcher—49.

Addressing seats granted to John Winebrenner and John Rebo (?) and accepted by them.

The names of the following absent members were called and inquiry made with regard to their character: James Sutton,
Samuel Huber, John Crider, Christian Traub, Abraham Huber, Thomas Huston, Abraham Horner, Henry Burtner, Herman Ow,
Peter Herman, Abraham Hershey, Jacob Dehof, Jacob Debold, David Heck, William Abels, John Rider, Conrad Weist, George

Ordained: John Smith, George Hiskey, Moses Lawson, Frederick Gilbert, John Hazel, John Dehof.

Died: Christian Newcomer, Christian Grosh.

Licensed to preach: Harmon Houk, Jacob Rhinehart, George Hoffman, Henry Sowy (?), Charles Boehm, John Potts,
John Haney, Peter Wetzel.

Itinerants for the year: John Zahn, Ezekiel Boring, Noah Woodyard, John Crack, David Winters, James Newman, John
Smith, Moses Lawson, John Dorcas, William Kinnear, John Haney, Charles Boehm, James Snyder, Thomas Miller, John
Hendricks, William Schott, Andrew Beard, Daniel Denvie.

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