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Volume 7 History of Virginia Conferences of United Brethren December 26, 2013

Jacob Erb and Simon Drislock asked to bring their complaints before the Conference. Nothing being found to justify any
action, the charges were dismissed.

Bro. Drislock gave satisfaction in regard to the difficulties of last year.

In future Hagerstown Conference shall have the old protocol and Bro. Hansby shall procure a new book. Bro. Kumler
gave William Brown two dollars for this purpose. He shall procure a book and transcribe from the old to the new all
proceedings of importance.


Conference at Mill Creek, Shenandoah Co., Va., April 27. Henry Kumler, bishop; W. R. Rhinehart, secretary; George
Geeting, chairman.

Present: W. R. Rhinehart, Henry Burtner, John Krack, George Patterson, Jacob Erb, George Geeting, John Zahn, W.
Kinnear, Peter Wetzel, William Miller, Jacob C. Houck, George Hoffman, Noah Woodyard, John Haney, Henry Higgens, Jacob
Haas, Peter Harman, William Knott—18.

Absent: Jacob Dayhoof, John Hafford, John Clopper, Michael Thomas, Thomas Miller, John Eckstein, Harmon Houk,
Lawrence Sibert, John Hendricks, Conrad Weist—10.

John Ruebush and Jonathan Shenley appointed trustees to build a house on the Hamilton circuit, furnishing it with all
necessary furniture for the accommodation of a married preacher.

The bishop paid in $34.61,—the full sixth part of the money coming from the benevolent society; also the money from
Hide’s estate willed to the conferences of the United Brethren in Christ.

Licensed: Jacob Glossbrenner, Jacob Haas, Frederick Hisey, William Miller.

Voted that license be taken away from L. Sibert because of conduct unbecoming a minister. Voted that Jacob Bell,
exhorter, be expelled.

Minutes of the Conference ordered to be published.

Motion by W. R. Rhinehart that the vending and distilling of ardent spirits be entirely expunged from the official body
belonging to the United Brethren in Christ. Carried.

Conference agreed that Conrad Weist should quit selling liquor and preach more than he has done; if not, his license to
be demanded and he be a member of the church no longer.

Voted that the circuit preachers return only the overplus of the money over and above what the Discipline allows,—to be
divided among such preachers as may have failed in getting their full amount.

Ordained: Peter Harman, Noah Woodyard, Henry Higgins, William Kinnear.

Appointments: Hagerstown circuit: Jacob Glossbrenner, W. R. Rhinehart. Mechanicstown: John Miller, George Geeting.
Staunton and Woodstock circuits: John Zahn, Noah Woodyard, John Haney, Jacob C. Houck.

Note:—These are the first Minutes written in English.


Conference at Hagerstown, Md., April 25. Henry Kumler, bishop; W. R. Rhinehart, secretary.

Present: W. R. Rhinehart, Henry Burtner, John Zahn, John Clopper, John Hafford, John Eckstein, Peter Harman, Jacob
Dayhoof, Conrad Weist, Jacob Rhinehart, John Dorcas, William Miller, Jacob J. Glossbrenner, Noah Woodyard, William
Knotts, John Haney, Henry Nebecker, Charles Boehm, Peter Wetzel—19.

The brethren from Pennsylvania Conference and those belonging to other churches were admitted to addressing seats.

Licensed: Joseph M. Hershey, George Rimel.

Ordained: John Dorcas, Jacob Rhinehart, John Haney, William Knott, Charles Boehm, Peter Wetzel.

Died: Henry Higgins.

Absent: George Patterson, Jacob C. Houck, Harmon Houk, Jacob Haas, Frederick Hisey, Michael Thomas, George

Conference divided into two districts, Maryland and Virginia, each to elect two delegates to represent them in the next
General Conference.

Of the money to the conferences of the German United Brethren in Christ it was agreed that Bishop Kumler should give
Valentine Hiskey “as much as seemeth good to him.”

Voted that an English hymn book be published. W. R. Rhinehart and John Zahn a committee to examine the selection
before its publication.

On nomination by the bishop, George Patterson was chosen presiding elder for Virginia, W. R. Rhinehart and Henry
Burtner for the Hagerstown circuit; each of the latter to serve 6 months.

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