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History of Congregations of Winchester District June 12, 2016


Currently, the churches in Augusta Co. are in Harrisonburg and Staunton Districts. At one time,
the churches below were in the Winchester District. Twelve churches of Augusta Co. in 2014 were in
Harrisonburg District: Annex (New Hope Road, Staunton); Bethany (Lee Highway, Weyers Cave);
Crimora (Crimora-New Hope Road, Crimora); Harriston (East Side Highway, Grottoes); Mt. Bethel
(Rock Mountain Lane, Harrisonburg); Mt. Pisgah (Mount Pisgah Road, Mount Sidney); Mt. Zion
(Mount Solon); New Hope (Round Hill Road, New Hope); Parnassus (Clark Lane, Parnassus);
Sangerville (Clark Lane, Churchville); Verona (Lee Highway, Verona); and Weyers Cave (Houff Road,
Weyers Cave). Not all of these were in Winchester District prior to 1970 but all are noted below for
completeness—indeed, all churches currently in Harrisonburg District are noted in this History. Those
churches currently active have their section titles highlighted.

Table 1 identifies churches of Augusta Co. that have ceased to exist because of being closed,
renamed, or merged into another church.

Table 1. Closed, Merged, Split, Renamed, or Otherwise Discontinued Churches in Augusta Co.

Church Location Action Disposition Date

Asbury Augusta M with Belmont, as Annex 1969

Belmont Augusta M with Asbury, as Annex 1969

Belvadere Augusta R Mount Bethel 1890

Buffalo Gap Augusta C Pre 1939

Cedar Green # Augusta M with Mountain Chapel #, as Community # 1961

Centerville Augusta M with Bridgewater, as Bridgewater 1995

Churchville U. B. Augusta R Glossbrenner Memorial 1941

Clay Hill M. E. So. Augusta C Pre 1939

Clay Hill U. B. Augusta C 1935

Deerfield Augusta C Pre 1939

Ebenezer # Augusta C 1974

Good Shepherd Augusta C 1978

Hermitage Augusta C Pre 1939

Jennings Gap Augusta C 1951

John Wesley (Harriston) # Augusta C ca. 1965

Mount Bethel (Christian, Va.)# Augusta C ca. 1965

Mount Meridian Augusta C Pre 1939

Mount Solon Augusta M with Bridgewater, as Bridgewater 1995

Mount Zion Augusta R McKinley 1937

Mount Zion (Verona) # Augusta C ca. 1965

Mountain Chapel # Augusta M with Cedar Green #, as Community # 1961

Mountain View Augusta C Sold; proceeds to Glossbrenner 1988

Naked Creek Augusta R Bethany 1955

Paynes Chapel # Augusta M with Augusta Saint #, as Augusta Street # 1982

Pleasant Grove Augusta C Pre 1939

Pond Gap Augusta C Pre 1939

Reid Chapel # Augusta M with Calvary, as Calvary 1995

Saint Paul # Augusta M with Pleasant View #, as Pleasant View # 1982

Spitler’s Chapel Augusta R Mount Pisgah 1800s

Spring Hill Augusta C Pre 1939

Stokesville Augusta M with Mt. Zion, as Mt. Zion 1930

Timber Ridge ME So. Augusta C 1956

Timber Ridge U.B. # Augusta C ca. 1900

Union Chapel Augusta M with Weyers Cave, as Weyers Cave 1994

Union Hall Augusta R Mountain View 1899

Key to Actions: C = Closed (no successor named); M = Merged; S = Split; R = Renamed; and D = Other Disposition as noted.

Key (Other): # Denotes an Ethnic Minority Church.

Source: [Wrenn 2014].

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