Page 4 - History of the United Methodist Church in Rockingham County
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History of Congregations of Winchester District June 12, 2016

Armstrong, Robin M. Arnold, Hal Atkins, Melbourne Bailey, Rita Beeman, Fredi Berge, Andy Brock,
William R. Brown, Brenda Capen, Donnie Cardwell, Bryan F. Casey, James A. Chaney, Carl and
Kathleen Chapman, James Claycomb, W. H. “Bill” Cribs, Barbara Cooper, James Claycomb, Barbara
Cooper, Joyce Muse Cornell, Jon Coulter, Tommy Crosby, Stephen and Debbie Creech, Roger and
Carol Crosen, Pam Culler, Mary-Virginia Currie (Randolph Macon College), Dr. James A. Davis (SU),
Leah Delong, Betty Ditto, Haley Mills dos Santos, Herbert Drake, Joyce Dunlap, Reginald Early, Jan
Fearing, Joyce Fiddler, David and Linda Foley, Bill Fouch (Grant Co. Press), Robert L. Frey (EUB
Heritage Center), Diana Fulton, Daniel & Susan Garrett, Martha E. Garton, Bruce Gearhart, Joseph E.
Gerstell, Lee and Elaine Gladwin, Victor Gomez, Robin Good, James Green, Jr., Lynn S. Grubb, Deya
Hamilton, JoAnn Harman, Roger and Ann Harrison, Don Hawks, Jan Hensley, Charles Herbaugh, Doris
V. Herbaugh, Steven J. Herbaugh, Dottie Hughes, Al Irving, Steve Jennings, Valerie Johnson, Wilbur
Johnston, Arless Kesecker, Jack King, Barbara Lear, Leesburg Today, Richard Lind, Sharon Lineburg,
John Lock, Linda Lowe, Lois Marb, Dale E. MacAllister, Mary Marshall, Harold McClay, Jr., Richard
McDowell, Meredith McNabb, Joanna Garber Miller, Tracey Mullenax, Clark Nail, Kirk Nave, Sadie
Nelson, Northern Virginia Daily, Saundra Nottingham, Penny Pelter, Sheryl Pifer, Ann Poe, Herb
Probst, Kathleen Reynolds, Pat Turner Ritchie, Phyllis Rinker, Jose Saldana, Jessica Savoie, Debbie
Saylor, Larry Scheuble, John W. Schildt, Dee Dee Schneider, Laetitia and Robert Schoeman, Wilson A.
Shearer, Kim Shipe, Kenneth R. Shobe, Beverley G. Simpson, Denny Sites, Barbara E. Smith,
“stars&bars,” Mrs. Leila Stuckey, W. Scott Summers, Mina Sumpter, Ann Thomas, Dawn Thomas,
Elaine Thompson, Ruth Tolliver, Gary Virts, Laura Ellen Wade, Barbara White, Laura White, Fred
Widmyer, Patricia Widmyer, Barbara Willis, The Winchester Star, Brenda Woods, and others for
photos, biographical sketches, and histories of churches and cemeteries.

Many of the readers of this draft of the history will be able to provide corrections to the spellings
of names and dates of various events, as well as detailed information and facts that will need to be
incorporated into this history. The editor, Bob McDonald-Walker, can be reached at (540-409-7383), by
email (, or by post (400 Clocktower Ridge Road, Apt. 419, Winchester,
VA 22603-3886).

Cautions About Statistics. Readers will sometimes being interested in the statistics recorded in
these volumes about church membership, worship attendance, Sunday school enrollment, and Sunday
school attendance. While these measurers have been chosen as the most relevant to the experience of
most church members, the values for any particular year, or series of years, must be carefully
understood—these values are self-reported, by the church and/or the pastor, and they are likely
significant only over time periods of 5 to 10 years. Membership. The “methodology of Methodism,”
embodied in the Book of Discipline, seeks to maintain accurate membership records for each church.
Ideally, when a member or family moved outside the area from which most members come, the pastor
or members of the church reach out to the person or family to ensure they have become associated with
another church. A letter of transfer is issued, much as John Wesley issued cards to members of his
classes, as a formal way of carrying the obligations and responsibilities of members from one church to
the next. In practice, especially in the past 100 years or so, the names of the person or family are kept
on the church membership rolls (sometimes for decades) until (1) that person or family calls or writes
the pastor for a letter of transfer; (2) the local charge conference recognizes, over a 3-year period, that
the person or family is out of contact and is removed from membership by the charge conference;
(3) information is received that the person or family no longer has an interest in being associated with
the church (listed as withdrawn); or (4) information is received that the person has died. Thus, over

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