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Silas Hart
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The Harts originally belonged to The Society of Friends, but later became Baptists. In 1765 Silas Hart, a
“Person of Quality” was admitted to transient communion in the Linville church, and a year later to full

In 1765, Silas Hart was High Sheriff of Augusta County. In July 1775, the Third Virginia Convention
assembled at Richmond and measures were taken to raise two regiments of Regular Troops for one year and
two companies for the protection of the western frontier. The executive authority was lodged in a committee of
safety consisting of eleven members. The county committee of Augusta when formed was headed by Silas
Hart, the elderly justice.

The County of Rockingham was organized in 1778 with Silas Hart as the first justice in the commission of the
Peace, and as such, it was to him the deed for the Public Square was made by his friend, Thomas Harrison,

Silas Hart was born May 5th, 1718 and died October 29th, 1795, in the 78th year of his age, exceeding his
allotted three score years and ten, of an active useful life.

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Houston Harrison.
Lyman Chalkley.

July 6, 1937 George W. Fetzer,

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