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These items have been transcribed from microfilm records at the Massanutten Regional Library
in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Records are also available at the Virginia Library in Richmond,
Virginia. Photographs are available only at the Virginia Library. Note: At the time this document
was produced (2007) images of original documents and photos were available on line at the
Library of Virginia web site. These are found on the "Maps" collection page at this link On this page select "Virginia Historical
Inventory" and use the search function to find Rockingham or other topics. This site indicates
they have 343 Rockingham related items that include 140 photos with some unidentified photos.

The alphabetical index with page listings in the back of this publication lists 257 of the WPA
items in and around Rockingham County recorded in the late 1930s. The original records may
include a descriptive article, and architectural form. There is also an index of items that may
include a photograph, however, photographs are not included in this publication. An index of
names mentioned in these articles is included.

The articles herein include many of the original typing and grammatical errors. Caution to
researchers; as always, check the original document, as some words are difficult to read – also
review several sources to verify the data in the WPA articles.

From the Wikipedia – an internet source:

“The Historical Records Survey (HRS) was a project of the Works Progress Administration
New Deal program in the United States. Originally part of the Federal Writers' Project, it was
devoted to surveying and indexing historically significant records in state, county and local
archives. The official mission statement was the "discovery, preservation, and listing of basic
materials for research in the history of the United States."
Organized on November 16, 1935 under the direction of Luther H. Evans, it became an
independent division of Federal One in October 1936, and in 1939 became part of the National
Archives' Research and Records Program, Professional and Service Division. The program was
shut down February 1, 1943.
In 1939 the federal government handed off the program's activities to willing state governments.
Because of the program's short lifespan, many of the indexes were not published, and remain in
only piecemeal form in local and state record repositories.
The HRS, headquartered in Washington, D.C., was organized into subdivisions (regional, state,
district) and much of the work was done at the behest of the National Archives and Records
Administration or state archive agencies. The HRS sometimes cooperated with the Daughters of
the American Revolution and other volunteer groups with an interest in local history and

Note: There is an Alphabetical index and a Name index in back of this document.

Harrisonburg – Rockingham Historical Society

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