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Prayer of Jesse Rolston
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Your Orator further shows unto your Honor that with the proceeds arising from the sale of the aforesaid property,
the congregation to which he belongs, propose to buy a lot of land – 30 acres, the amount by law allowed to be held

in the county, at or near Muddy Creek in the county of Rockingham on which to build a Parsonage or Manse for

their Pastor and to aid several feeble parts in the outskirts of their congregational limits, in addition to repairing their

church-building at New Erection. Your Orator is advised that by virtue of the laws of this Commonwealth, see Code

of 1860, page 412, Section 13, he can for himself and the other members of the congregation, ask the decree for sale,

and for as much as he is remediless save in a court of Equity where such matters are properly cognizable and where
only he can for himself and others have….remedy, he prays that there may be a decree for sale as afore asked for,
that the said David Bear; Archibald Hopkins, Jr. and John Lineweaver, Trustees Cook’s Creek Presbyterian Church
be made parties dependent to this bill and that they be required to answer the same on oath – that ….may issue and

that he may have such other and further and general relief as to equity may seem meet and as in duty bound he will

ever pray you.

Jesse Rolston
By Counsel.

Wm. H. Effinger
For Complainant

Except for several undeciphered words, the above is an exact copy of the original bill, filed at August Rules, 1867,
which original bill may be seen in file No.100, on second floor of Rockingham County Court House.

October 15th, 1937 Geo. W. Fetzer

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