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First in natural order and importance are the official
records to be found in the land office at Richmond and in the
county clerks' offices of Orange, Augusta, and Rockingham
County. The records of marriages, of land sales, and of

court proceedings are rich in facts and interest and signifi-
cance. Of almost equal importance with these original

records, are the many printed volumes of Hening's Statutes

and the Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia. Old

almanacs and files of old newspapers have been found to

contain circumstantial accounts of important events that

could scarcely be obtained from any other source. Old files of
the Rockingham Register have proved of special value in this

respect. Containing as they do particular and contemporary

accounts of practically every notable happening in the county

within the past ninety years, the successive issues of the

Register are a very treasure-house to the student and anti-

Aquarian. complete and well-preserved file of the Register,

from the first issue in 1822 to the present, would be sought

after eagerly by any of the great libraries of the country,

and would command almost any price. Although the writer

has not seen any complete file of this paper, he has been
exceedingly fortunate in securing what is perhaps the best

file in existence. Through the generous kindness of Mr. R.

B. Smythe, manager of the News-Register Company, Har-
risonburg, Va., he now has in his possession Register files
covering many years. These have been found most helpful

in the preparation of this book. Miss Hortense Devier,

whose father, Giles Devier, was for many years editor of the

said paper, has made a generous loan of extended files. In
addition to these files, many fugitive copies of the Register,

some dating back almost to the first issue, have been put

into the author's hands by his friends, as either a gift or a

loan. Special acknowledgement is made to Hon. Geo. E.

Sipe for access to files of the Old Commonwealth. For all

these favors he is duly grateful.

He has also had put at his disposal files of other pe-

riodicals, old ledgers and day books, and even personal manu-

Ascripts and diaries. manuscript account of Harrisonburg,

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