Page 12 - History of Rockingham Co
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its people, and the activities centering in it as the county-

seat, written in 1892 by a lady who was born in the town in

1812, and giving realistic descriptions of days and doings
nearly a century ago, should be specially mentioned. The
records of the Methodist church, dating back in their begin-

ning more than a hundred years, have been a source of much

information having a general as well as a particular interest.
Photographers have contributed pictures, authors have given
their books, publishers have opened their presses in hearty
and generous co-operation. The librarians at Richmond and
at the State University, as well as at other places where the
author has gone gathering facts, have been obliging and
helpful; hundreds of persons all over the county, and in

many other parts of our great country, have' responded

cheerfully to personal letters requesting particular informa-
tion. It is indeed an embarrassment of riches that has
confronted the author; the task has been one of selection
rather than of collection, though he has sought far and long

for some things herein presented. He feels, therefore, that
he may be justly criticised, not so much for what he has

given in this book as for what he has been obliged to leave
out. It has been deemed wiser, on the whole, to keep the
volume within reasonable size and cost than to include so
much as to make it cumbersome in bulk or expensive in price.

We have tried to make a book for the average reader, for

every citizen, as well as for the scholar and antiquarian.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to special contributors
and others who have given aid in supplying materials or sug-
gesting lines of choice, and the names of many of these will

be found in the proper connections throughout the volume.
Special mention is yet due in this place, and is gratefully

made, of the uniform courtesy extended to the author by
Col. D. H. Lee Martz, clerk of the circuit court in Rocking-
ham, and by his assistants, Mr. C. H. Brunk and Mr. J.
Frank Blackburn.
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