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1716— September— Spotswood visits the Valley— East Rock-

1727— Adam Miller settles on the Shenandoah River.
1738— November— Act of Assembly passed creating Frederick

and Augusta Counties.

1745— September 23— John Sevier born in Rockingham.
1749— August 27— James Madison, first Protestant Episcopal

bishop of Virginia, born at Port Republic.

1751— Thomas Lewis and Gabriel Jones buy land in East

1753— May 11— Valentine and Joannah Sevier sell land to
Andrew Byrd, on or near Smith's Creek.

1758— April 28— Massacre at Fort Seybert.
1763— April 18— Valentine Sevier sells his personal property

to Andrew Byrd.
1769— Lutheran and Reformed congregations at Peaked Moun-

tain agree to build a union church.

1773— August 15— Valentine and Joanna Sevier sell land in
Long Meadow to Michael and David Holsinger.

1775— October— John Alderson installed as pastor of the Lin-
. ville Creek Baptist church.

1777— October— Act of Assembly passed creating Rocking-

ham County.
1778— April 27, 28— First court held for Rockingham County.
1779— August 5— Thomas Harrison sells lot for county


1780— May— Act of Assembly passed establishing Harrison-


1780— First Presbyterian preaching in Harrisonburg, accord-

ing to tradition.

1782— Abraham Lincoln goes from Rockingham County to

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