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Time marches on as the present recedes into history. People make a
brief appearance on the stage of life and are gone. As the years accumu-
late, more and more of an individual's deeds are lost to posterity. How-
ever, here and there, because of personal accomplishment, the linking with
important events or some queer quirk of fate, a faint mark is left behind
for the future to see. This story of an early pioneer German family will
attempt to preserve any such faint impressions as may still be found for the
enlightenment of future generations yet to come relative to the accom-
plishments of their forebears. As this story recedes into antiquity, the
marks will grow fainter and eventually all could be lost.

The story begins in Germany and the troubles of a medieval society
which finally, torn by religious dissension and political strife in the Seven-
teenth Century, forced a heavy migration of Protestant Germans from
what is now southern W. Germany to abandon their homes and try for
better living conditions in the new world for themselves and for their
children. These people settled mainly in Penna., but later the rich land in
the Shenandoah Valley attracted many of them. Here they mingled and
intermarried with the hardy Scotch-Irish, also attracted to the Valley,
generally for the religious freedom the isolated back country afforded.
Here they became a part of the new world. They fought and subdued the
wilderness and the Indians; they resisted the King and helped in their
small way to build a new nation dedicated to the ideals their forebears
sought when they came to America in 1739.
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