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NAME. The Ermentraudt name is German, but in an English speaking community where all official rec. were kept in
English, the name appears in the rec. spelled phonetically as it sounded to the recording official. The German spelling per-
sisted in ch. rec. and signatures well into the early 19th century, and it is impossible to set a time for the disappearance of the
German spelling. However, as a matter of clairty the German spelling for the name has been used for all who were born prior
to 1800, and for those born afterward the Anglicized version of the name has been used. No real explanation for the various
English spellings of the name can be given. The more common forms are Armentrout and Armantrout. However, the des-
cendants of Christopher Ermentraudt, both from Penna. and those originating from his family in the South Branch of the
Potomac River, spell the name Ermentrout.

ARRANGEMENT. The book is divided into 9 parts, each with an app. and an index where applicable. There is a general
introduction. Parts I thru VII cover the 7 children of the original family, a separate part for each. Part VIII contains a num-
ber of family groups who belong to the family, but a definite connection has not been established. These have been included
to preserve the data for some future researcher.

NUMBERING. There were 7 children in the original family and they were numbered from 1 to 7 in order of birth. Their
children were also numbered from 1 in order of birth and attached to the parent's number with a hyphen. Thus, the 1st child
of the oldest member of the original family became number 1-1 and the 2nd 1-2, etc. This was continued through each suc-
ceeding generation, maintaining the numbering in sequence to the order of birth in each following family. Where a 2nd, 3rd
or 4th marriage took place, this was indicated by an asterisk as * ** *** and the family of children for the additional mar-
riage were started with I in order of birth. Thus 1-2*-I indicates the number of the 1st child of a 2nd marriage of the 2nd
child of the oldest child of the original family. In the vital statistics m(2) indicates a 2nd marriage, and m(3) a 3rd, etc.
(2)Children indicates the children of a 2nd marriage, (3)Children, etc.

In many instances dates in the rec. are given as year only or in the case of cen. rec. the date (year) is determined only from
the recorded age of the individual. In other cases a date has been estimated as a mar. date from the birth date of the 1st child.
So for whatever reason, when only a year is given, it might or might not be precise, and this is indicated by the letter c pre-
ceding the year to indicate that this is an approximate year date and the event took place about this time.

The bapt. rec. of the Pk. Mtn. Ch. include 1152 bapt. numbered from 1 to 1152 chronologically as they were entered. The
appropriate number is included in the source notation as: Pk. Mtn. Ch. Bapt. Rec.-731.

To indicate sources for most official rec. bound into books, the series book number and page are shown as: Rock. Co., Va.
Mar. Rec. Bk. 3-20.

In the interest of brevity and to save space, punctuation has been kept to a minimum and a liberal use of abbreviations for
many repetitive words has been used.


AAA antiaircraft artiliery btn. battalion
Adm. administrate (ed), (ion), (rix) c. about
Ala. Alabama Calif. California
Alleg. Allegheny Cath. Catholic
AL. American Legion cav. cavalry
App. appendix cem. cemetery
Ariz. Arizona cen. census (s)
Ark. Arkansas cert. certificate
asst. assistant ch. church
assoc. association Chr. Christian
b. born clip. newspaper clipping
bapt. baptized (mal) co. county or company
Bapt. Baptist col. college
Bk. Book Colo. Colorado
bro. brother (s) com. command, commissioned

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