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Harrisonburg Town Trustee Minutes

Property Owners List (cont.) P4

John Lincoln
John Adolpha
Ralph Loftus adnir
John Smith (Taylor)
John Smith
Thomas Johnston
James Martin
Elizabeth Nair
William Harrow

Ordered that the Collector, Collect of each Tithable person within the limits of said town
the sum of two shillings and four pence these being in Number 117 and on every first
second, third and fourth date xxx agreeable to the following Seale to wit on first Date
Houses two shillings on Second xxx date four shillings on third note date Six shillings
and on fourth note date Eight Shillings to be appropriated as the law directs.

Ordered that the sum of thirty-five Dollars be appropriated for the purpose of watering in
the spring.

Ordered that this Board be adjourned until the first Monday September next at 3 oclock.

Tho. Scott Pres.

S McWilliams

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