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Harrisonburg Town Trustee Minutes

Trustee Meeting 9 June 1799 – P5

At a meeting of the Trustees for the Town of Harrisonburg
on Monday the 9th day of June 1799.

Present Thomas Scott - President
Asher Waterman
Samuel McWilliams
Frederick Spangler Gentleman Trustees

Ordering that Maury Gambill be appointed Clerk to this
Board for one year and shall be allowed 15 dollars.

Ordered that all Nuisances, be removed, out of the Streets, Alleys and Public Ground in
the aforesaid Town of Harrisonburg and any person or persons, suffering and such
nuisances to remain more than 24 hours shall forfit and pay for every such term the
same shall remain unremoved the sum of 34 cents to be recovered and appropriated as
the Law Directs. Provided always that the above Law shall not be so construed as to
extend to all materials necessary for buildings if the same shall be appropriated for the
use intended within 3 months. Nevertheless the said trustees or a majority of them upon
application may allow a Long Term if to them it shall seem expedient.

And for the Better Information of persons holding lotts in the said Town, how fair
nuisances may effect their said lotts.

It is ordered that all lott holders adjoining the streets and alleys shall be obliged to
remove any such nuisances from the center of the said streets and alleys to their
respective lotts, and lott holders fronting the Public Square, shall be obliged to remove
nuisances created by them within 30 feet, of their respective houses and lotts, and all
persons causing nuisances on any other part of the Public Square shall remove the
same within 24 hours or shall forfit and pay the sum of One Dollar, and for every further
term of 24 hours the same shall remain unmoved the further sum of One Dollar to be
recovered and appropriated as the Law Directs.

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