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Harrisonburg Town Trustee Minutes

Trustee Meeting 2 July 1799 – P8

At a meeting of the Trustees of the Town of Harrisonburg
on Tuesday the 2nd day of July 1799.

Present Thomas Scott President
Asher Waterman
John Koontz
Samuel McWilliams & Gent Trustees
Frederick Spangler

Ordered that is any person or persons who have or be hereafter appointed Surveyor of
any of the Streets and Alleys in the said Town of Harrisonburg and failing to accept of
his said appointment shall be fined in the sum of four Dollars to be recovered and
appropriated for the use of the said Town as the law directs and the person or persons
so appointed shall continue in office for and during the Term of Twelve months, - and for
the Better compelling the mail laboring Tithables in the bounds if the said Town to work
the aforesaid Streets and Alleys when called out by their respective Surveyors. It is
ordered that, if any Tithable or Tirthables shall fail to work, as aforesaid, shall be fined in
the sum of Seventy five cents, and if an Infant or Slave such fine shall be paid by his
father, or Master, to be recovered as the law Directs – and It is further ordered, that the
aforementioned Surveyor be requested to make Monthly returns of the number of days,
worked by their respect hands, as also of all Delinquents to be proceeded against as
the law Directs –
Ordered that the Pumps or wells by Thomas Herron & George Sites, be kept in good
repair, at the expence of the Town, and that Henry Burgess and George Sites be
appointed to Superintend the Keeping the said Well in Good Repair, the expence of

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