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Harrisonburg Town Trustee Minutes

Trustee Meeting 2 July 1799 (Cont.) – P9

shall be Defrayed out of the Tax to be laid in the next Levey.

Ordered that the sum of Ten Dollars shall be appropriated for the purpose of putting in
Good Repair the bridge across the run near George Rowlands, and that Samuel
McWilliams Gent Superintend the same and make report thereof to the next Meeting of
the Trustees –

Ordered that each of the Surveyors call out their respective Hands and work on the
Streets and Alleys in the said Town on some day to be appointed by them on or before
the 15th day of this Instant, and that they be requested to Inform all the People in their
bounds what is Nuisances, and what time they shall be removed out of the Respective
Streets and Alleys under the penaltes prescribed by the by laws -

Ordered if any person or persons shall wash any clothes at or near the pumps or Wells
near Thomas Herron and George Sites, (which are established as Public Wells) shall for
every such offence, forfet and pay the sum of 34 Cents and if a Slave to be paid by his
or her Master, or to be taken to the Public Whipping Post by his or her Master and
receive 10 Lashes on his or her bare back, all which said fines to go to the use of the
said Town –

Teste Thos. Scott Pres.
M Gambill Scy

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