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Harrisonburg Town Trustee Minutes


This seventy-one page minute book was found amongst a packet of old indentures,
deeds, and other documents in 2017. Some of the meeting minutes are transcribed.
Completing the rest of the pages will be continued slowly. Note that there are many
errors in the transcriptions and one must decipher the original pages when accuracy is
The front and back covers are missing and there are several pages missing at the ends.
The first two existing pages is a partial list property owners.
To put this in a historical perspective, John Wayland documented the following.
“Until 1849, when the mayor-council government was established, trustees governed
the town (with one designated as president)”
“Five men had been constituted trustees of the town by an act of the Virginia General
Assembly passed December 29, 1797, by which twenty-three and a half acres, laid off
into lots and streets by Robert and Rueben Harrison, had been added to the original
plat of the town, as laid out by their father, Thomas Harrison, Dr., in 1780.” Trustees
were “Thomas Scott, Asher Waterman, John Koontz, Samuel McWilliams, and
Frederick Spangler, Mr. Scott being president.”

- In 1778 the first court was held.
- In 1779 Thomas Harrison sold a lot for the city buildings.
- in 1780 the Virginia Assembly established Harrisonburg.
- In 1784 the first courthouse was completed.

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