Page 8 - Harrisonburg Minute Book
P. 8
Harrisonburg Town Trustee Minutes

Property Owners List P3

The first two pages in the minute book are missing, so the list below is incomplete.

John Mepiete
Charles Kyle
James Burgess
John Culp
George Sites
William Domaphen
Timothy Domaphen
John Lande
Jacob Neigh
Robert Retherford
Archibald Retherford
Henry Sprinkle
Peter Sprinkle
John Koontz
John Kieser
Michail Cline
Michail Whistman
Mark Newland
George Rowland
John Graymer
John Kyle
John Turner
Samuel Gay
Samuel McWilliams
James Brown
John Walsh
Dennis Lanahan
John Wheelbarger
Hugh Tiffney
Thomas Harrison

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